Common Google Play Store Errors and How to Quickly Solve Them

Technology has taken innovation to the next level.

New applications keep coming in to account for the versatile user base available today. The Play Store is one app market that has grown in leaps and bounds, currently playing home to over 1.43 billion applications.

Despite this huge number of apps, you have probably come across an app that rejects to install on your Android phone or tablet. While the same app might be working on your friends’ devices, it simply won’t download and install on your device. This is a very frustrating moment and it happens often. Funny enough, this is not the only Google Play Store error that the millions of Android users out there face. There are other common Play Store errors and some of the most common ones and their quick solutions have been highlighted in this piece.

Error 919

When you see Error 919, know that your device is running out of storage space. In fact, this is a warning that the device has no space to save the downloaded file and installation files. To take care of this scenario, simply delete old files to free up some space on your device.

Error of processing a purchase (Error DF-BFA-09)

You might be wondering why should someone get an error of processing a purchase, when they are actually downloading a free app? Well, if this happens to you, don’t fret. However, one thing you shouldn’t do is waste your time trying to repeatedly download and install the app because it won’t work.

The viable solution here is to head to the device’s settings and then check for the apps settings. Under the “All” section, tap on Google Services Framework and then tap on “Clear data” to solve this problem.

Error 498

Error 498 is common when the cache of your Android phone is full. Those using Samsung devices can press the power + home + volume down buttons to reboot the phone in the recovery mode, while the other Android users can do the same by pressing the power and volume down buttons. This will enable them to access the phone’s cache memory and clear it.

Error 495

You will come across this error on instances when your mobile device fails to download an app from the Play Store. To solve this error, first clear the cache and data of the Google Play Store by going to the device’s “Apps settings” and then select “All”. The next phase involves deleting of the Google Services Framework data in addition to your Google account. Restart the phone and then add your Google account afresh by going to “Settings>Accounts>Add Account>Google Account” and then fill in your Google details.

Error 491

Error 491 occurs during uploading and downloading anything is not possible. Just like with the above case of Error 495, delete your Google account and re-add it after rebooting your Android device. Post adding of your Google account, go to “Settings>Apps>All>Google Play Services>Clear data” and that’s it.

Error 941

This is a very common error, but only in cases when files completely fail to download. When this happens to your download, head to the device’s apps settings and tap on “All”. Navigate to the Google Play Store app and while there, tap on “Clear cache” and “Clear data”. The same should also be done for the download manager and once you are done with this, go back and download your file. This time round it should be successful.

What errors have you experienced when using the Google Play Store?

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