6 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone


If you are concerned about losing weight, or gaining muscles, or if you just want to stay fit all the time then your iPhone can play a vital role in achieving your this goal. You just need the right apps for it and your iPhone will become your very own fitness instructor. Let us provide you a list of apps for your iPhone that can help you remain fit throughout the time.

Lose It

Lose It is especially for those who want to lose weight. You can do that by using this app as your workout journal and food diary. It will need a bit of data inputting from you to calculate the meaningful data for you. It has a vast library of different types of food items including famous brands and generic items like coffee, sugar, and chicken (boiled, roasted, fried etc.) Each food item showcases accurate calorie, carb, fiber, fat, sodium etc. for it to calculate amount of calories that you have eaten. You can also input your workout intensity and duration so it will provide you amount of calories you have burned and how much you can intake more. It also has a detailed graph showing how much weight you have lost so far.


As the name indicates, this app is loaded with wonderful and informative tips about food that you eat regularly. It has over 500 tips to help you have a safe and healthy diet. These tips are displayed on a cool post it notes that you can swipe or shake your phone to switch to next. After having NutritionTips on your iPhone you will get to know that melons cannot be eaten after two hours once they are cut, and oysters contain protein, calcium, phosphorous, and iron.


C25K or what you can say (Couch to 5K) is an app made for those who are newbie in the world of jogging. It has a nine week long course distributed as three days a week will give you guidance through 30-40 minutes. Each of the days is prepared to improve your endurance. Initially in the first week it will instruct you to do 60 seconds of running, then 90 seconds for walking, and then 20 minutes of jog with five minutes break for warm up and cool down. Every week the timings will increase by substantial amount of seconds so you can increase your strength and mad up your stamina.


FitnessBuilder is known as the champion of fitness apps world. It has over 200 workouts that are selected automatically by the app considering your fitness condition and meeting your aptness needs. To give you a proper understanding and guidance about doing workouts it is loaded with over 20,000 images and videos. It also has five fitness timers, complete tracking capabilities, and a calculator to give your data a meaningful answer for your further actions. You can also ask an exercise physiologist personal questions. This app is available to be downloaded at $9.99 which is nothing considering the benefits it is given. You can further upgrade this app for $4.99 a month for additional workouts, videos and images if you want to tone up yourself to the next level.


If you are constantly travelling and are concerned about healthy diet then you need to get your hands on this app. It will help you track restaurants and eating places near you by tracking your position with GPS. It will provide you suggestions that you tap and a whole list of restaurants serving healthy diet will appear all that including calories, carbs, and fiber so you can make a perfect decision considering your diet and needs.

RunKeeper Pro

RunKeeper is usually compared with Nike+ which is not appropriate as Nike+ is only for runners but RunKeeper Pro is suitable for runners, cyclists, hikers and even skiers. For now this app is only available for iPhones with 3G or 3GS. This app will use your GPS to track your route and speed and will keep a copy of your data at runkeeper.com so you can manage your future workouts. You can check your history of activities and see what paths you have travelled and design new ones. You can beat your records on specific tracks as well.

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