Apple Watch Is Finally Out, But Here’s Why You Will Hate It

The Apple Watch will be bought by at least 19 million people from all over the world.

This is at least according to what Apple predicts. If you are among these people, there is some bad news for you.

Even though the Apple Watch is an amazing smartwatch, it is still not the perfect wrist watch. It still lacks in one aspect or the other and when you eventually find out, you might end up going nuts. But you need not as there is always room for improvement and we hope to see a much more improved iteration of this smartwatch considering this is the first of its kind by Apple.

This does not also mean that you shouldn’t get yourself this elegant gadget. It is an amazing watch that everyone would want to have on their wrists. Even though some devices might have their shortcomings, they sometimes end up thriving in their respective niches, and the Apple Watch is expected to do so.

Apple Watch automatically saves battery by going dark

The new Apple Watch is an actual masterpiece and having it on your wrist will definitely be a dream come true and a complete delight as well. This device will operate on a rechargeable basis and this means that consumption of energy is basically going to be there. In order to enjoy the services of this device for longer periods, you will definitely need to monitor the battery consumption of your watch.

This is something that the company was aware of and instead of you doing all these stuff the watch will do it for you. The watch will automatically go dark whenever you don’t look at it for a long time. In this way, it will save you lots of battery power, which then prolongs your watch’s battery life. When the battery power is almost depleted, the Apple Watch will switch into “Power Reserve” mode where all other unessential process are shut down, leaving behind the feature to check the time alone.

While this ability to go dark helps you save battery power, it can be a very annoying feature. This is because it alters the basic meaning of a watch. Well, a watch should be there all the time and this means that whenever you want to check what the time is, it shouldn’t be a hassle to do so. While this is possible with a regular watch where you only need to take a quick glance at the wrist watch from whatever position you are, it is not that easy with the Apple Watch.

When the watch goes dark, it needs some action to turn it back on. According to Apple, the watch will “activate on wrist raise”, an action that might be unwelcoming to some people in certain conditions. You may have to raise your hand every time you want to see the time, which can be a huge inconvenience especially when in a meeting.

This problem has become a bit of a concern for many users and as a result, other manufacturers have begun taking advantage of the situation, for instance, Pebble Time, which uses low-power color e-paper display and you will never worry about the raising your wrist to activate the watch since it never goes dark.

Nothing to stop you from buying it

This is not something to prevent you from buying this watch. Apple may end up making the function so sensitive that it will be very hard for some people to have any difficulty. Better still, shaking a wrist to check time is far much better than groping in your pockets to remove your phone so that you can just see the time.

Even if this feature is made so sensitive, it will come at a cost. The battery life of this Apple Watch will greatly be affected and this is something that most users won’t be happy about.Hence, it is better to stay low on confidence when it comes to what to expect with the new Apple Watch as you may end up missing on some features that are very basic to a simple and cheaper watch.

Bottom line

This is a first go for Apple after having failed with the previous attempt in the smartwatch world. Being the first generation, Apple will definitely come up with more changes and improvements in this device and in the end, we might end up with one of the best ever smartwatches by any company. People can’t wait to use some of the most popular apps on this device, for instance, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Line, among a thousand others.

Future versions of Apple Watch may include a front-facing camera for taking quick photos and many other delightful features that will continue to surprise as well as impress.

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