Will Fallout 4 Be An Epic Game? Waiting For Nothing?

Fallout 4 has been and still is one of the main games that players have talked about over the internet in the past months. After over 6 years of the release of Fallout 3, many players are hoping to see a sequel being released soon, but until now Bethesda has been quiet regarding a release of Fallout 4.

Because of that, all over the internet appeared many false rumors, some saying that the game will be released soon, while others are saying that the game will never be released. There were even rumors according to which the Fallout 4 title will be “Shadow of Boston”.

Because of that, Bethesda suggested the Fallout series fans to just ignore all the rumors if they don’t come from an official source. At the same time, they didn’t say that any of those rumors were right and kept their mouth shut.

The Game Awards and Bethesda

As 5 December is approaching, all eyes are focused on The Game Awards, an event where Bethesda will take part. It is rumored that the developers will bring something at this event and many are hoping that will be the Fallout 3 sequel.

However, even if Bethesda will come with Fallout 4 at this event, it will most likely come with some screenshots and news about the game, which after all is good enough for any Fallout series fan, for now.

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas were great games, but not everyone was satisfied about the way they turned out. That being said, maybe this is why Bethesda is taking so long to release the Fallout 4. Maybe they want to score high and release an EPIC Fallout 4, which everyone will enjoy playing.

Waiting for nothing

The worst case scenario would be if Bethesda decides to quit developing a Fallout 3 sequel. This would be direct hit to all the Fallout series fans which will never trust this company again.

Fallout Wish list released by a fan

A YouTuber user under the name of MrMattyPlays posted a video about a Fallout fans wish list regarding the upcoming Fallout 4. A fan said that joining Factions in Fallout 4 would be awesome, where players will be able to move up in authority and to do that they should complete some quests.

Here are some of other things that were added in that wish list by other fans:

– Armor modding
– Setting safe houses and shops
– Ability to make your own faction
– Additional abilities after finishing some important Missions
– Special events in the game during some specific days
– Ability to tame animals
– A sprint button
– Natural disasters such as active volcanoes.

Fallout 4 will be EPIC

In concordance with JBG News, Bethesda will most likely improve the gaming experience on the upcoming Fallout 4. The Fallout 3 sequel will most likely be released for the next-generation consoles and PC in order to take the full power advantage that the next-generation consoles come with. After all, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are outdated in terms of hardware specs and players should start switching to the next-generation consoles soon enough.

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