Viber – How to Unblock yourself if Someone Blocks You

In the recent past, Viber has grown immensely and as it stands, it is the biggest threat Skype has ever faced, when it comes to voice and video calling.

It is one of the biggest names in this business, thanks to the many amazing features and the VoIP services they offer.

The presence of Viber is truly a force to be reckoned and it has grown so much in popularity among the younger generation, especially that audience immersed deep into the use of smartphones. After all, smartphones are the present, and as it seems; they are here to stay.

Viber for Free Calling on Mobile Phones and Desktops

Viber entered the VoIP industry as a mobile based application and for sure, it has managed to gain quite a substantial presence in this market. When compared to what Skype has in this niche, Viber has gained so much in the shorter period it has been around with respect to the number of users. This is partly because Skype started as a PC based application and later on ventured into the mobile market, just like Viber is doing now with the PC market.

Viber has managed to get hold of the consumers’ awareness of its market presence and its offers, often branding itself as a “free calling” app, and in its course, it has managed to rise to the top of the list as one of the best apps when it comes to the VoIP industry, only second to Skype.

The Blocking Feature on Viber

Applications keep rolling out new updates and features that are aimed towards enhancing the security of the applications as well as improve the user experience. However, there are some features that may end up being the best, while others might not turn out as expected – this is of course entirely dependent on the different preferences of users. Some features might be good for some people, while at the same time turn out to be bad for others.

One such feature is blocking. If you block someone because he or she is annoying you in some way, you will enjoy using this feature on Viber very much. However, if by any chance you are on the receiving end and it is you who is being blocked apparently for reasons you don’t understand, then you might find this feature a little unpleasant.

You may want to pass a message to someone, yet the person has blocked you. You can start worrying about this if this has happened on other social media apps, however, if you are using Viber and one of your Viber contacts has blocked you, there is nothing to worry about. There are two ways you can use to get around this blocking problem and if you want to get them, then keep reading.

Register for a Viber Account with a New Number

If someone blocks you on Viber, it is not the end of the world for you. Well, you can still afford to talk to them, but you’ll have to sacrifice a little bit. Here, you’ll have to get a new sim card which means you get a new number. Uninstall the currently installed Viber application and download a new version, preferably the latest version. Install the app again on your device and add that person who blocked you. They will still receive the messages you send them. However, make sure you take care enough or you might be considered a stalker and as a result, your friend may end up blocking you again.

Use Group Chats

There is a much better and smarter way of handling things when it comes to Viber blocking. You don’t have to face the wrath of being blocked again, but you can still pass your message to someone who has blocked you as long as you share a group or two. This is a programming glitch from the developers’ side that users can take maximum advantage of and pass messages to any person who has blocked them.

If you don’t share the same group, you can ask someone to add them to a similar group with you and in this way; you’ll still pass your message to this person.

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