Can Google Maps Be Used Offline?

Google Maps is a great application, it lets you access different places, know their specific locations and be able to find directions to different locations. However, one disadvantage with Google Maps is that it consumes a lot of data and does not automatically load images when one is offline.

Can Google Maps be used offline? Is there a way that this application can be used even when you have deactivated your internet connection? Well, the answer to this is yes. Google Maps can be used offline, here is a simple procedure on how to use Google maps offline.

Download the latest update

First you have to download the latest update of Google Maps. The updated version has more features that will let you download your maps simple and easy processes. It additionally has various shortcuts that will let you view various maps offline.

Start the app

Once you have updated your application, launch it on the profile location located next to the search bar. You will be able to view your maps just like before. However, the updated app will come with an additional feature.

Once you have the updated version, launch the app and tap on the profile icon located next to the search bar. Then scroll to the bottom of the page.

Activate offline saving feature 

At the Google maps icon located next to the search bar, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a section dedicated to offline maps. Here you will have two options you can use when you would like to save an offline map. The first option is through the “Ok Maps” feature. By typing this words in the search bar when viewing the map, the save page dialog will pop up. You can also activate this saving feature through speaking “OK maps” when accessing your page. 

 Saving your document offline 

After activating the save dialog through this option, you will be able to zoom in and out of the area before saving it to your device. Google Maps has a limit to the area and storage you can store, if the area is too big, a new command will pop up which asks you to zoom in. Zoom in to reduce the size of the image so that you can save it.

If the storage space is fine, you will view a prompt which indicates that the map is downloading. It is probably going to take about 10 seconds to download the map, depending on the size of your map. A new message will pop up that says “the on-screen map has been cached.” From then on, you will be able to view the downloaded part when offline. 

The next time you would like to access Google Maps and there is no signal available, you will be able to easily view and browse your saved map. This will be helpful for Android tablets or iPads that work only Wi-Fi or when your device is connected in airplane mode. It will also be handy for travelers that quite often cannot access the cell service.

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