Get Free WhatsApp for Lifetime with Unlimited Subscription on iOS

WhatsApp is everywhere and literally everyone who owns a smartphone has installed this instant messaging application on his or her phone.

This instant messenger has come to change the world as it is known. It has totally changed the habits of each and every user as well as how they actually function.

In the recent past, WhatsApp has seen immense changes come its way, one of them of course being the takeover that saw Facebook buy the app for a reported $22 billion. Today, this application sits among the elites and it is actually the topmost apps when it comes to instant messaging.

The Undisputed Leader of the Instant Messaging World

As it stands, WhatsApp has cemented its position at the top as the best app offering instant messaging services. It has slowly grown to become unchallenged and it is now the most superior app in the IM industry. As it stands, WhatsApp has managed to attract a client base of more than 600 million users. And with the recent takeover by Facebook, this already successful instant messenger now has the financial muscle it needs to achieve great heights.

Surprisingly, WhatsApp has enjoyed such immense growth in the number of users yet it is not a free app. There are many other applications that can be used for instant messaging and some of them even have added advantages of making voice and video calls, and they are available as freeware yet none of them is close to WhatsApp when numbers matter.

WhatsApp Annual Subscription

In order to stay connected with your friends on WhatsApp, you’ll have to pay for using the app after using the free version for one year. WhatsApp users are required to pay a nominal fee of $ 0.99 annually in order to keep using WhatsApp after the expiry of the first year’s usage. You can now throw away the notion that “WhatsApp is free.”

WhatsApp subscription packages come in three categories for different user preferences. The basic one is the annual subscription. However, there are two other packages that cover for a 3 year period and a 5 year period. You have the liberty to choose the package that best suits you.

Lifetime WhatsApp Subscription for Free

Now, after learning that WhatsApp is not a free app you thought it was, what if you were again to learn that there is a way you can bypass this subscription and instead use WhatsApp for free and for a lifetime? Well, there is actually a legal technique you can use to get free WhatsApp on your Android device. This technique is very simple and it will require you to have only one of the following two things:

  • The cash to purchase a new iOS device, preferably an iPhone
  • A friend with an iOS device, preferably an iPhone.

Whatever option that suits you best is what you’ll go with. However, the most economical method is recommended and the second one seems just about that. Make sure before you use the phone, your friend has already uninstalled their WhatsApp. Don’t worry about this part if you went for the first option as the app will have to be downloaded for the first time on the iPhone.

Furthermore, you’ll also need to delete your account with WhatsApp so that your number is received as a new one when you begin the free subscription process. After uninstalling WhatsApp from your friend’s iPhone, install a new WhatsApp application by visiting the official iTunes App Store and proceed to register the newly downloaded app with your number.

Now, here is the thing. Using WhatsApp on iOS devices is free of any cost whatsoever. All you need is access to the internet and you’ll be good to go. iOS users can have WhatsApp installed on their devices and use it as a freeware for a lifetime. After you are done with the registration process, you can uninstall WhatsApp from your friend’s iOS device and install it on your Android or any other supported mobile platform. Your number remains in the application’s database as an iOS user and thus a free user.

It is as simple as that and by now, you should be enjoying a lifetime subscription of WhatsApp that is free of any fee.

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