Why GTA 5 PC Release Date Won’t Be Delayed Again?

First of all, it is a fact that the PC gamers are really very annoyed by the fact that Rockstar has been continuously ignoring them.

Making money off the console gamers has been their sole motive and they have been doing it diligently.

Rockstar started all this by releasing the most anticipated next gen game much earlier on older generation platforms. When GTA 5 got released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, it was obvious that a new game is running on obsolete consoles. They hardly had the graphical power to render the game’s physics and realistic graphics.

Even the next gen Playstation 4 and Xbox One have been launched, but they made all of them wait for a whole year. It was simply marketing tactics to make those millions buy the game and it worked. The company made $1 billion within a week on just two platforms!

Why the delay?

The first edition of GTA 5 came directly to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The problem with releasing a game on the really old hardware is that they have to dumb down everything, especially the graphics. It leads to double the amount of activity as they have to optimize it one more time for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. But, the PC is an altogether different area where the developers at Rockstar are aiming to deliver 4K resolution. That is one resolution that consoles can never reach in this generation and it might take them another four years or so to come close to it.

It’s time!

Exclusivity matters a lot of console gamers which is why they were waiting among themselves. PS3 players said that PS4 owners could never get the game. It helped them sell more copies of GTA 5 and also earn the players’ trust. After almost a year, it found its way to next gen, but PC edition was still under construction.

The third delay in a row happened to GTA 5 PC edition because of the online heists DLC. The additional content is really popular and players on other platforms have been waiting to get it for almost two years now. They are going to release it in the month of March for GTA Online but the problem is that the PC players can’t be left out.

They need every DLC on launch date, which is why Rockstar delayed adding the finishing touches as well as in making it compatible with online heists. A lot of factors combine together to confirm that the release date on April 14th is for real.

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