Top Applications for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Which are the Best Apps for the Surface Pro 3?

The Surface Pro 3 runs all standard Windows programs, but you can get some touch-friendly apps that will take all the advantages of this tablet’s capabilities.

You should equip it with some amazing applications that take advantage of its high resolution screen (216 pixels per inch), of its 5-megapixel camera, its fourth-generation Intel Core processor and its touch and stylus input. Here are some of these amazing apps.


MetroTube is a great way for watching YouTube videos. This app is better than the original YouTube app on the iOS and Android or even the web browser. Once you log in with your Google account, it shows up your subscriptions and displays them in an organized way. Another great thing about this app is that you can set 1080p as the default viewing option.

Map it! Lite

This application tends to give you a one stop answer for your travel. It gives information about your location and locates businesses. This app will provide you with directions to the destination and alternative routing. It also tracks traffic weather and gives you a visual aspect to your destination, thanks to street view. There are also other alternative views, such as Earth, roadmap, terrain, and satellite view.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This application shows of both camera and the amazing screen of the Surface Pro 3. This app includes adjustments for contrast, exposure, white balance, vibrancy, clarity, highlights, and shadows. As you can see there are many ways to correct your photos through this app. Another great thing about Adobe Photoshop Express is that Adobe provides an easily touchable cropping tool.

Drawboard PDF

Drawboard PDF lets you mark up a PDF document with your notes or signature and it offers you separate stylus and touch input options. This app can be priceless for your business, personal finances, or designing. You use the stylus buttons to select, move and erase your writing, making it quite similar to OneNote. Drawboard PDF lets you create or load PDFs, annotate and bookmark them.


If you want to take advantage of that amazing high-definition screen on your Surface Pro 3, get this app. Choose from a large collection of streaming movies and TV shows with the Netflix app. It lets you browse for new things to watch or rate shows you have watched. It can also resume playing a flick you’ve started on another device, such as your HDTV.

Finally, complete your Surface Pro 3 with some great apps. The best apps for the Surface are, naturally, the components of Microsoft Office. Also, many great apps come with the tablet’s stock collection, such as Finance, Flipboard, Skype, Sports, Weather, Maps and more. However, be sure to check out some of this and many more third-party apps.

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