Top 10 Play Store Apps by Downloads

As Android smartphones and tablets are by far the most common types of portable devices in the world at the moment, it will come as little surprise that apps available on the Google Play apps market are the most downloaded apps in the world. As thousands of apps are added to the platform almost on a daily basis, it can be hard to choose the most appropriate ones for your device.

With that in mind, today we feature the top 10 Google Play apps in terms of total downloads…

1. Facebook

Seeing that Facebook is the preeminent social media platform in the world, it will come as little surprise that the Facebook app would be topping the charts as the most downloaded application on the most popular smartphone platform in the world. The Facebook app on Google Play has been improved constantly to increase reliability and security and offers users a very fast means to keep in touch with those they care about in their lives. 

2. WhatsApp Messenger

With well over a billion unique installations and average ratings of about 4.4 out of 5 stars, WhatsApp messenger is one of the apps you can bet is most likely to be found on any random Android smartphone. It is a remarkable achievement for an app that is not free (users get to use the app free for a year after which a nominal charge applies if the user is to continue enjoying the service. WhatsApp is very popular for texting as well as photo and video sharing. WhatsApp recently added the functionality to make data calls, an upgrade which is certain to make the already immensely popular app even more irresistible.

3. Angry Birds

It is pretty remarkable achievement to notice a purely entertainment app jostling for space at the very top with such functional apps as Facebook and WhatsApp. But then again, Angry Birds is not your run-of-the-mill mobile gaming application. It is an immensely addictive strategy game where the player helps the birds enact revenge on greedy pigs who stole their eggs. It is an unorthodox gaming idea which caught on and does not appear likely to die off. 

4. Skype

Skype is the app which made VoIP technology a mass consumer service and its popularity does not show any signs of waning. The Android version of the popular app lets you do pretty much everything you would do on the PC. It is also one of the best rated apps on Google Play, implying that the developers have done a great job in guaranteeing functionality and convenience.

5. Twitter

The micro-blogging application has a certain appeal to it and on the Android platform the possibilities are virtually endless. The interface has recently been updated and now you also get instant translations for tweets in all the major global languages. It is no wonder then that the huge number of downloads are serving to propel Twitter to being the fastest growing social media platform in the world.

6. Facebook Messenger

When Facebook launched a purpose made messaging app for their users, some scorned the audacity of the developers. Why would anyone want two resource intensive apps that pretty did the same thing on their phones? But Facebook Messenger has grown in leaps and bounds since its release.

7. Fruit Ninja Free

Another addictive game makes its way into this list and on its own merit. The game combines stunning visuals, absorbing gameplay and flawless transitions. You have never had so much fun slicing through fruits till you try Fruit Ninja.

8. Street View on Google Maps

Google Maps is a vastly functional app to have on your smartphone. When you add to this the stunning effect of the street-view app, you begin enjoying your home and places you have never been to before with amazing clarity.

9. Temple Run

Temple Run, the game which brought to life a new genre of mobile gaming is still holding its own in the jungle that is Google Play. The endless running game is addictive and developed to give a stunning experience to players. It will take some doing to overhaul Angry Birds from the top ten of most downloaded apps on Google Play.

10. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader may seem to stand out like a sore thumb in this list of leading Google Play apps but in retrospect its strong performance should not be such a mystery. PDF documents are becoming the norm in exchange of ideas on the web. While some portable devices come with some native PDF readers, none are quite up to scratch. That is why millions of users around the world still find it necessary to install Adobe Reader.

The Google Play app store offers a gazillion apps to choose from. Some are purely for entertainment while others have very valuable functional applications at home and in the workplace. In other words, if you can install all the 10 featured apps here, your phone will be left with nothing else to wish for this year!

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