Clash of Clans Update Download – Top Features and Bug Fixes


After the Air Sweeper upgrade that was recently launched, Clash of Clans will be submitted to another one.

It all started with the announcement that was posted on Supercell’s Facebook page. The post got the gamers really excited to know that they could easily get access to this upgrade. This was meant to fix the bugs that came to light, right after their most recent upgrade that rolled out brand new features, such as the Air Sweeper. In short, this feature means a pretty strong anti-air protection for players to use in the game. Other enhancements have also been included, such as Clan bookmark (this feature will allow you to get a closer sneak peak at the army before any Clan outbreak) and some UI changes. This update can be set-up directly from the app store.

“Obstacles” Found in Air Sweeper’s Newest Upgrade

Players have been complaining about several problems that were altering the game. These problems were quickly noticed just after the Air Sweeper upgrade. As a solution. Supercell claimed they are working on a brand new Android approach that will soon be on the market. This will be the solution to all bugs, which players were complaining about. But this means that the players must update the strategy game to the new improved variant (7.65.5) which of course will be for solely for Android.

The main two problems that are being resolved currently are the following:

  • Heroes getting stuck: in order to help them not to get stuck during a war breakout (in the middle of a Tesla establishment), the developers are trying to move Teslas out of their way—in short change the game plan.
  • The other issue is regarding the protective towers. These towers will remain immutable on the attackers, until they vanish from their spectrum, thus failing to destroy any proximate enemies.

But this will soon be a matter of the past and gamers will be able to play Clash of Clans worry-free.

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