Google Chrome Free Download for Windows Phone and Other Benefits

Google has been more willing to look the other way when it came to developing apps for smartphones running the Windows platform. In part, this has been due to the small share Windows has had in the smartphones market when compared to Android and iOS operating systems.

However, this is changing, which is why Google has gone on to develop apps for Windows phones including a Google Chrome. This popular full-fledged browsing app is available for Windows 8. Google Chrome for Windows Phone can be downloaded for free. Here is more of what Google Chrome for Windows Phone has to offer.

Why Download Google Chrome for Windows Phone?

Google has a lot of influence in the smartphone market, specifically because of its high quality apps. To keep the users of these apps happy it has to make sure that they are available on all the popular smartphone platforms, and not just Android. This is why there should be Google Chrome for all platforms including Windows Phone, among other popular Google apps.

Additionally, Google Chrome increases Internet connectivity options for Windows Phone users, who are usually discouraged from using Windows-based phones due to lack of popular smartphone apps such as Google Chrome. With mainstream Google apps such as Google Chrome available for Windows 8, Windows phones becomes just as desirable as Android and iOS phones.

Most people transitioning into Windows Phones have used Android or iOS phones at some point. This means that they have developed some familiarity with major Google apps such as Google Chrome, and would like to continue using them on their new Windows phones. Therefore, having this app available on the Windows Phone platform makes the use of this smartphone platform so much easier for these people.

The Benefits of Having Google Chrome on a Windows Phone;

The first obvious benefit of using Google Chrome on any smartphone platform, let alone Windows Phone, is that it makes searching the web much easier and considerably faster. Additionally, Google offers the option of filtering the search results based on whether they are images, web pages, videos, news and so forth.

Google Chrome ensures that users get more relevant search results. Few search engines can match this ability. Even the native browser on Windows-based phones. Bing, can hardly match this. Google search results are simply more relevant and reliable. Moreover, you do not have to put up with excessive ads that characterize some search engines’ results.

Google Chrome for Windows Phone allows users to make voice-based Internet searches. You can also search for places close to you without having to type in your location. Google Chrome for Windows Phone also has the autocomplete feature, which makes search predictions as you type and hence significantly increases the convenience of using the web.

– Google Chrome comes with a lot of extra features, especially the apps available on the browser’s store. Consequently, apps not directly available to users of Windows phones can be accessed much more easily using Google Chrome.


Google Chrome for Windows Phone comes with all the premium features that make this app a top-end browser. Firstly, Google Chrome is available for free on Windows Phones running Windows 8. More importantly, this browser offers the numerous benefits that are associated with the Google Chrome browser – lightweight, fast, intuitive, relevant searches, search filtering capabilities, voice search options, and so forth. Google Chrome is definitely a must-have for Windows Phone users.

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