Adobe Flash Player 15 Free Download – Addressing Glitches and Vulnerabilities


Offering a Rich User Experience

The Flash Player 15 offers a very lightweight and expressive runtime for clients, delivering powerful as well as consistent experiences for users covering all the major operating systems. It offers a consistent experience for different OSs as well as a range of mobile phones; browsers and devices. It is a plug in that offers the best web experience for various platforms and has been installed in almost 98% of desktops connected to the Internet. It is also optimized for offering high performance in mobile devices and can easily take advantage of the native capabilities of a device, offering rich and immersive user experiences.

What’s New in Version 15?

The new version 15 offers critical fixes related to security and bugs. AFP15 was released in the month of November 2014 and has been downloaded by millions. The update offers new features and comes with bug fixes and other tweaks. Users will notice that there are a fixes for various platforms, such as Windows 8; iOS and Android mobile devices. Many of the issues that were affecting these platforms and causing problems to end-users have been fixed. For instance, there were certain sites having video content that displayed error messages and not the video. In case of mobile devices, bugs resulted in incorrect display or no display of content at all. The latest update 15 has solved these problems and also improved security, enhancing the overall performance as well.

How to Install Latest Updates

In case of the majority of users, the Flash Player 15 automatically downloads on the device. If you have already downloaded updates prior to this, you can opt for automatic updates; though the option is also enabled by default for some users. As soon as you start your device, the update will automatically get downloaded. However, you may have to restart your computer in order to apply the new update, though automatic updates done need any input from the user.

Manual Update

In case of manual update, you may need to take a few extra steps. You have to open the control panel and opt for Search for Updates. You will then be prompted to download any update that is available.

Main Features

The main features of the new version are a Standard Plug-in for almost all web browsers. It allows the play of Flash content, 2D and 3D GPU hardware and accelerates the rendering of graphics. It also supports high quality High Definition videos and offers protection for deliverable content with the use of Adobe Access. Adobe Access boasts of the DRM technology, which is UltraViolet approved. With the use of this feature, secure content can be delivered through live broadcasts; HD rental; subscriptions; and videos on demand methods.

Bugs Fixed

The new update eliminates three vulnerabilities, which have the potential of executing an arbitrary code on computers that are affected. Two of the problems addressed by the Flash Player 15 are the memory corruption bug, which enables a potential hacker to execute native codes remotely. Another bug that has been removed by this version relates to the integer overflow problem, CVE 2014 0569. It is recommended that all users must install the latest version for avoiding potential risks of such threats.


You must install the latest version in order to the get the complete and rich experience while surfing the web or playing games, as it offers the best means of delivering rich, multimedia content. With the latest version, you can run apps that are media rich on YouTube. It also offers support for 3D graphics as well as streaming audio and video. The new version offers both individual apps and business apps.

Do not postpone the download of Flash Player 15, as it can offer significant improvements over the past iterations of the program.

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