Why Google Maps Free Download Has Been Overtaken by Waze as the Best Mapping App

Just recently, Waze was confirmed as the best provider of mapping services thanks to the social features of this mapping application that make driving the best and easiest experience for users.

The good thing with this application is that it can be relied on even for the simplest things, for instance, shopping at a store or visiting an unfamiliar area. Google Maps on the other hand has been around for quite some time and it too is equally the best as far as online mapping is concerned. Google Maps is a very popular app and this can be attributed to the fact that this application comes as a default mapping app on all Android-based smartphones, which is contrary to Waze.

Waze is equipped with better and unique features than Google Maps

Despite the huge popularity of Google Maps, this application is still nowhere near Waze with respect to the uniqueness of features and services on offer. As earlier noted Waze comes with social features or elements which users make use of to provide reports regarding their road experiences as well as contribute to significant updates in the application’s alerts. In this line, users of Waze can be assured of getting real time alerts and reports regarding the current condition of traffic on the highway they are driving on, which ends up saving lots of time for users.

Waze is crowd-sourced

One good thing about Waze mapping application is that it is crowd-sourced. This feature or ability makes the reporting of any issues that are possibly encountered on the road a very easy task. With such information, other users will stay alert and avoid bumping into unwanted delays while on transit.

Waze also ensures that your navigation is extremely reliable thanks to the ability of providing users with traffic information from different sources.

Waze keeps delivering fresh traffic data even on crashing phones

Waze is a wonderful mapping application that offers more than Google Maps. With this application, you don’t have to worry about your device or application crashing or any other technical issue for that matter. This is because even if the application stops working maybe due to a phone crash, Waze will plot a new course and when you are back on track, the app will provide you with fresh data. You won’t get anything like this on Google Maps.

The major reason why Waze has an edge over Google Maps when talking of the best mapping application is that this app is the largest crowd-based application that also provides users the nitty-gritties of navigation and general traffic updates in real time. In essence, Waze acts like a portal where all drivers within your locality have access to and share their contributions with an aim of making these roads safer as well as ensuring that driving remains a stress-free experience for users.

Waze helps save on gas and time

Waze is an exceptional mapping application that you must have right now. This is because this application offers users advice against taking certain roads well before they are close to deadlock. Furthermore, the application provides you an alternative road you could use and stay away from the busy traffic ahead of you.

The app does not stop there as you can also get advice on where to get cheap gasoline while in transit. Again, this is something you won’t find on Google Maps and with these features, you’ll save a lot of time that you would have otherwise wasted while travelling.

Location sharing 

Waze will also let you share your location with friends so that all of them can be aware of your current location in case anything unexpected happens to you. Another convenient addition to the Waze mapping application is the Live maps. Despite being a new feature, the updates the Live Maps keep getting are what will make the Waze application a must have mapping app.

Bottom line

You can be sure of getting to your meeting or thanksgiving event on time when using Waze as your mapping application. Even though this application has fewer features in general as compared to Google Maps, the uniqueness of the features Waze comes with provide users with numerous ways with which they can keep up to date with the street or road conditions in real time.

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