How to Exchange an iPhone 5S for an iPhone 6

In case you bought an iPhone 5S right before the iPhone 6 got released, don’t worry, there is a way to exchange your iPhone 5S for the iPhone 6. Not everybody is up to date with the news about some products and some end up by buying a product that will be replaced next week by a new one. Some stores will accept the return, while others will not. However, most of them are going to accept the returns, but you only have a few days to return your iPhone 5S and if you are not fast enough you will get stuck ,with the iPhone 5S instead of enjoying using the iPhone 6.

Apple Store

If you bought the device from the Apple Store, you will have 14 days to return your iPhone 5S. Until now, the company allowed its customers to bring an iPhone back within 30 days, but they changed it to only 14 days. However, if you bought your iPhone 5S online, they will not accept it on a physical location from your town and you will have to ship it back to the company in order to return it.


Most of the carriers have a 14 days return policy for iPhones and smartphones. However, each carrier has its own restrictions and requirements when you want to return a device.

  1. Verizon allows you to return an iPhone within 14 days, but you will have to pay a restocking fee of 35 dollars.
  2. AT&T has a 14 days return policy for iPhones, but you will have to pay 35 dollars as a restocking fee. However, if you haven’t opened the box with the phone, you will not have to pay this fee anymore.
  3. Sprint has a 14 days policy to return an iPhone, but likewise Verizon and AT&T, it will ask you to pay a 35 dollars fee, but in case you haven’t opened the box, you no longer have to pay that fee.
  4. T-Mobile has a 14 days return policy for iPhones, and 20 days in case you bought it online from T-Mobile’s website. You will have to pay 50 dollars for the restocking fee.

14 days have passed, what can I do?

In case those 14 days have passed, you can still return the phone to the Apple Store or the carrier, but you will have to pay an “early termination fee” which can cost up to 350 dollars.

However, some users prefer to avoid this fee by just buying the new iPhone 6 at its full retail price and by selling their iPhone 5S online on websites such as eBay, which seem to be a better solution.

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