Why Google Chrome is Worth Downloading on your PC, Tablet and Phone

If not the best, then Google Chrome is second to none.

This is true because this web browser can be used on multiple devices and makes the use of the internet a very interesting experience, thanks to the lightning speed it offers when browsing the web.

Google Chrome came into existence in 2008 and since then, a lot of changes have come its way. Initially, it was only accessible on PCs. As of now, Chrome can be downloaded and installed by users of smartphones and tablets as well, be it Android, Windows phone or iOS. Google has been working hard to innovate as well as improve the functionalities of web browsing and for sure, the latest Chrome browser is a representation of the company’s efforts and dominance in the industry.

Google Chrome is fast and simple

What makes Google Chrome a standout among the many web browsers that are available for free today is the simplicity and speed it offers when browsing. It is possible to search as well as navigate the internet using the same box. You can also re-arrange the tabs on the browser and do lots of other things on this browser.

The latest version of Google Chrome continues with the simplicity aspect that makes Google what it is. There are numerous convenience features that include the Incognito mode and privacy browsing where all the details about your browsing history are not kept on your device once the device shuts down. Furthermore, it is possible to create shortcuts to websites that you regularly use so as launching them doesn’t take you ages.

Built in Flash Player and PDF reader

Google Chrome is built for the web and this is true considering the fact that the application comes preinstalled with PDF reader and Flash player. You don’t have to download a PDF page in order to open it using your locally installed PDF reader. The same also applies to flash videos and other content that requires Flash Player in order to view or play.

The ability to sync between smartphones, tablets and PCs makes everything easy for the users of this browser as you can view all your browsing history, bookmarks as well as favorite pages from any device with the same account. The layout of this browser is more than simple and this is what most browsers lack – organization and intuitiveness.

Enhanced online privacy

Using Google Chrome web browser will protect you against online hackers and other malicious users thanks to its in-built malware and phishing protection. Furthermore, you can depend on the browser’s auto-update system that will ensure you are using the latest version that features the latest bug and security fixes as well as new and improved features. If, by any chance, you try to access a website that is not safe as deemed by Google’s security feature, you will get a warning from the browser that the page is not safe.

If you haven’t downloaded this software application, you can download it for free from the internet. Users of mobile devices can get the latest version from the official app stores of their phones.

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