Roku – Top Applications and Channels For Your Device


Yes, you can use Netflix on Roku and if you are already a subscriber to this channel, then you should add it to your Roku device. You can watch your favorite TV shows, movies on your TV wherever you go by just plugging your Roku device into any HDMI screen.


YouTube is one of the applications that don’t need a presentation. You will be able to search and play movie trailers, fun videos and any kind of videos that you can find on YouTube. You won’t need to open your computer anymore to show a funny video to your friend, as Roku can play it for you.


If you like listening to music, then you should try out Spotify for free. Likewise Netfix or Plex, Spotify will work on multiple devices, so you can listen to your playlists that you’ve created on Spotify, on your PC or Roku device.


Vimeo is another application like YouTube. You will be able to watch videos and one of the most hilarious original series that is called High Maintenance. However, if the first round of episodes is free, you will have to pay around 2 dollars per episode after that. At the same time, you can subscribe to Vimeo On Demand, which costs around 8 dollars per year.

BBC Sport

If you are a sports fan, then this channel is a must have. The BBC has great on-demand sport content into one single application. You will find here Formula 1, Football, Horse racing and many more.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video via its Amazon Prime that cost 99 dollars per year comes with many movies and shows. Also, they have a partnership with HBO, which comes with many TV series that you would most likely enjoy watching.

Dog TV

If you are a person who has a dog and you let it alone for a few hours per day, then you should install Dog TV. This channel was made especially for dogs that are left alone in the house for a period of time. This way, they will not feel alone, because they will watch TV.


This application is very useful, as it allows you to stream your photos, videos and music on your device, which include the Roku player. It is one of the best applications for Roku and other streaming devices.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus subscription cost 8 dollars per month and if you are a TV series fan, then you should have it. You will see the most recent episodes being uploaded right away on the application, so regardless if you are 1-2 hours late and you were not able to see your favorite TV series, don’t worry, because you will be able to stream it from Hulu Plus.


Using HBO GO, you will be able to stream TV series and movies. That includes one of the most streamed movies such as Game of Thrones. Sometimes, you will be able to stream an episode while it’s playing for the first time on TV.


You will need a satellite or cable subscription to watch it, but once you get WatchESPN, you will have access to every ESPN channel. You will be able to stream recorded tennis, baseball, basketball or football games. However, there is no difference between the cable channel and the Roku application.

Nick Reboot

Nick Reboot is a private channel that streams old Nickelodeon content from ‘90s such as Pinky and the Brain, Doug or The Ren & Stimpy Show. You can also subscribe at Nick Reboot on Demand for 4 dollars per month and you will be able to watch your preferred Cartoon at anytime of the day.

Animal Planet LIVE

Animal Planet Live comes with many live animal cams, showing the lives of any kind of animal that lives in the world.


In case you have an iHeartRadio account, then you can install this application and link it to your account. You can also find radio stations that are nearby you, based on your IP address. The application comes with over 1500 live stations, based on genre, city and state.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids will bring for your kids some classic titles such as Curious George, Arthur or Sesame Street. The program is very educational, but it is made for younger kids.

Disney Channel

If you are a cable subscriber, then you will have access to Disney Channel. This channel can be quite annoying for adults, but awesome for kids. It comes with pre-recorded shows that you can choose from, but it doesn’t have anything different from the regular channel from the regular channel that is found on your cable.

Are you a baseball fan? Then you should get MLB.TV on your Roku. This application allows you to see every game played by the 30 teams. You won’t need to have a cable subscription to use this application but you will have to pay 20 dollars per month.

NBA Game Time

In order to see an entire season of NBA, you will have to pay 200 dollars. At the same time, you can watch most of the basketball games live (however you won’t be able to see the basketball matches that are playing on NBATV, TNT or ESPN). At the same time, you can watch team stats or live scores.

National Geographic Kids

This channel comes with many things about animals and geology. While it aims the kids, it can be quite interesting for adults also. This may be one of the channels that you will enjoy watching with your kid.

Awesome Sci-Fi

Some old school sci-fi movies, with some hilarious bad special effects and costumes.

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