Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Six Must-Have Apps


The new Samsung Galaxy S5 has a large and beautiful screen with an impressive camera. Galaxy S5 is packed with more speed than a Red Bull or Cheetah. Here are some useful apps listed to reward the phone’s loyal service.

  1. Nova Launcher:

By toning down the TouchWiz interface’s garish colours, Samsung has done a very impressive job. However, if you still prefer to give the home screen of S5 a full and complete makeover, you need to have the Nova Launcher. With Nova Launcher, custom-icon-packs can be installed from the Play Store. This will change the look of the home screen drastically and give a new feel to the app drawer too. It will give bright cartoony icons to fade off the flat pastel colours. It is full with custom gestures. With this, now the camera can be fired up too by swiping down.

  1. Fleksy:

When you like to peck away the keys instead of swiping up and down, Fleksy is the best keyboard for you. It has large keys wonderfully coupled with the large 5.1 inch screen of S5, providing lesser miss-hits. Fleksy comes with gesture controls on its own and allows to swipe back for deleting, holding for numbers and characters, or swiping up and down just to cycle through the predicted words. Once you get used to this, you will never look back at the stock keyboard.

  1. Slyde – Floating Application Switcher:

Slyde could be the best of 59p one will ever spend. It will let you to switch between the apps that are open in a microsecond. Its floating bubbles hover on the top of the applications to help. One can hide them or call them in a while or even rearrange if required. Multi-tasking has never been faster than this.

  1. Mega:

The expandable memory of Samsung Galaxy S5 other than the micro SD slot available is not of much use if it is lost or stolen. You may lose your important files or photos if you don’t back them up. For this, Mega has 50GB of cloud storage, unlike Dropbox with 2GB of free storage that lets you keep backup and live free without worries. You can also stream files, which are not stored locally on the S5 as everything is encrypted.

  1. Dynamic Notifications:

Dynamic Notification brings super charged notifications of Moto X to Galaxy S5. This application displays notifications as soon as the user receives a missed call, text or an e-mail, instead of just a blinking LED offering no information.

  1. Smash Hit:

The screen of Samsung Galaxy S5 measuring 5.1 inch is good for gaming too. It won’t let your fingers stop from getting in action. A 3D on-rails FPS of sorts is Smash Hit, which lets you travel through surreal world that is littered with all the glass obstacles. You need to smash those obstacles with metal balls. The game will take you from a cool start to frustration in no time, but will ultimately leave you with an extremely rewarding experience.

The above mentioned five apps are must-haves for Samsung Galaxy S5. These will enhance the performance of the device with more features and intelligence. With these apps, the device will get extra power and perform better.

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