Sims 4 – Customizable Swimming Pools Are Finally Here

For months, players of the Sims 4 had been waiting for the addition of customizable swimming pools in their game.

The game, which had released without the pools feature, experienced a lot of clamoring for the addition of pools. All the previous games had them and they offered players a great array of interactions. Why the developers decided to do away with the swimming pools is beyond anyone, but after reviewing the constant requests for reintroducing them, EA and Maxis finally decided to give players what they wanted. The swimming pool update is finally here.

Why Are Swimming Pools Important?

Just like us, our Sims also get tired of their everyday lives and the grind. The swimming pools are an excellent way of keeping in shape while relaxing. The swimming pools not only add a lot of elegance to the home, let along the real estate value, but also offer a lot of opportunities for social interactions. Swimming pools on community lots could be used to increase physical fitness and meet other health enthusiasts. DLCs and expansion packs allowed players to increase their range of interactions using the swimming pools.

What is Maxis Offering?

It seems that Maxis really went all out on allowing the players to have what they wanted. Though players were only asking for the swimming pools to be added to the game, Maxis decided to put in a little extra for all their suffering. The new swimming pools are highly customizable and come with a great new set of actions and social interactions. They have a lot of new features and they can be decorated just the way you want. To improve the ambiance of the pool, you can now place wine glasses on the pool’s side, add ambient lighting or even create a landscaped garden to complement it. You can have whole new themes surrounding your swimming pools, and this lets you make the most out of what you have.

Grim Offerings

Though the new swimming pools have come out with great customizability, there is a grim side to it too. In these new pools, and with the new social interactions, your Sim can easily drown in the pool to a watery grave. If you have a murderous instinct within you, you can leave your Sim inside your pool or someone else’s to drown and die. Players have found out that if you want to send out your Sim to its death, all you have to do is to leave them in the swimming pool for about an hour. That’s how long it will take for your Sim to be devoid of air. Your Sim will first start to turn yellow because of lack of air, then red and then finally green before attempting to raise attention one last time. You can find your Sim banging on the walls before finally succumbing to the lack of air, and finally dying. The good news is that your Sim will continue to be in the game. It will rise up as a ghost and get a lot of additional special powers that the regular Sims would not have. Perhaps a lot of players would send their Sims to death, just to experience what it would be like to have these special powers.

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