Download Free Subway Surfers and View Mexico City

One of the unique game play experiences with Subway Surfers is the virtual world tour trips.

Subway surfers is another popular running game that gets you to run behind the scenes by sneaking through underpasses and bridges in an attempt to avoid the station inspector who is out to pin you down for acts of a misdemeanor. This time round, subway surfers decided to make a stop at a brand new city, gamewise.

Breaking the Monotony of Tradition with the Free Subway Surfers in Mexixo City

If you are a Subway Surfers enthusiast living in Mexico City, you are probably smiling at the prospect of having your favorite game highlighting your hood. Whereas the game developers made a point of including numerous major world spots in the game’s famous virtual world tour, Mexico City had been conspicuously missing on the list. The earlier list comprised of Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Beijing, Moscow, Tokyo, London, Mumbai, New Orleans, Paris, New York, Sydney and Rome.

What are you up to in Mexico City?

The inclusion of Mexico City in the famous virtual world tour of Subway Surfers is in itself an exciting development. Yet, the game wants you to check into the deep end of Mexico City and have a feel of what life is like, in the interesting and the populous Mexican city. The tour is simply breathtaking and scintillates your imagination to its greatest stretches. You get to explore the desert landscape scenes with the captivating Rosa and the splendid market spots. In addition, you have a chance to dress up in Rosa in adventures and fresh looking outfits. You might also like adding the Prickly board to your otherwise scanty collection. Moreover, your creativity is planted in fertile ground as you are given the chance to add flavor to your weekly hunts by scooping up the hot chillies.

Subway Surfers Gets You Running on Your Devices

Kiloo has an insight that is almost unmatched when it comes to making their game accessible. You can download your free Subway Surfers and enjoy the runnning on a host of devices. It does not matter whether you are on iPhone, an iPad on iOS or iPod Touch. Feel free to plug in the endless running fan with Subway Surfers. Download your Subway Surfers from online Appstore free of charge. The compatibility proves to be a proactive move by the subway surfers’ developers, as it opens up new playgrounds for the game and places it squarely in the competitive world video games scene. In fact, Subway Surfers has been featured as one of the essential apps in the AppAdvice guide for endless running games.

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