HoloLens Price, Specs and Release Date

HoloLens is the most ambitious product Microsoft has ever created. HoloLens’ ability to augment reality through an immersive virtual reality world has won it accolades from all quarters. HoloLens can create high quality holograms that can be integrated seamlessly into the physical world. The gadget also promises to take computing to the next level by having a standalone software and other independent capabilities. Although HoloLens offers a lot of promise for the future of computing not much is known of its potential price, specifications, and possible release date. Read on to find out.


So, how much should HoloLens cost, considering the technological potential it carries? Comparable devices such as Oculus Rift cost about $300. Microsoft has remained tight-lipped on what HoloLens will cost. However, experts believe that a price tag of less than $500 should be expected if the expectations about the device having a mainstream acceptance are to hold true.


– HoloLens will run on Windows 10, which will also contain a number of holographic apps that can run on mobile devices as well as PCs and Xbox One.

– HoloLens’ use experience will be highly interactive, thanks to the use of gesture, touch and voice control features.

– This device is light and adjustable, so that it can be worn by people with different head sizes.

– The HoloLens has an inbuilt spatial sound that lets the user locate holograms located anywhere in the room.

– HoloLens is a standalone device. Therefore, it does not require cords, tethers or connections to other devices in order to offer full functionality. However, HoloLens is still very compatible with other digital devices, for instance, tablets, PCs, and smartphones.

– The HoloLens contains a top-of-the-range CPU and GPU. Additionally, this device also contains another processor, the HPU, which stands for holographic processing unit. Because of its great processing power, HoloLens can process terabytes of data in real time.

– HoloLens contains high-definition see-through lens through which users will see a high quality virtual world within the real world.

– Microsoft HoloLens has spatial mapping sensors that capture a lot of information about the user’s environment. In fact, wearers of this gadget can see the virtual world behind them due to the spatial sensors.

 Release Date 

According to Microsoft, HoloLens will be ready for the launch of the full Windows 10, which will take place later in the year. In February of this year, Windows 10 will be available for phones. The full version of Windows will be available “later in the year”, and the HoloLens will be launched around the same time.


Unfortunately, there is no concrete information on what price HoloLens will sell at, or the date on which this amazing piece of technology will hit the shelves. Fortunately, the list of features packed into this compact device have generated worldwide interest in the gadget.

No other device in the category can match what HoloLens has to offer, least of all the previously popular Google Glass. HoloLens will provide a highly enhanced augmentation of the real world that might change the way people do their computing and interact with the virtual world.

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