Top 29 Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 8 and iOS 8.1.2

Since the beginning of 2015, the developers of jailbreak applications have been getting out a lot of new jailbreaked tweaks. Below, we’re going list some of the applications and tweaks you will be able to find on Cydia from your jailbreaked device that runs on iOS 8 or iOS 8.1.2.


This tweak will disable the square mode that is found on the camera’s application. In case you feel that the square mode is useless for your camera and you want to disable it, then install NoSquare on your device.


This application will allow you to upload files on Google Drive by using a simple file browser to browse your entire file system.


If you tend to forget where you usually leave your phone, then this application will be very useful. When you will do high level sounds, the device will play a loud alarm, allowing you to find it. So, for example, by clapping, you will be able to find your device with ease.


This application will be able to remove all the notification badges and place them in the Confero folder. This application is compatible with: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Drunk Clock

This is a simple clock analog which is used as an iWidget. The application is called Drunk, because it is easier to see the clock with this application and it’s very easy to get on it.

Actual Battery

This application will show the battery in percentage, displaying how much mAh and available capacity it has. At the same time, it also comes with two battery modes such as: Actual Remaining-Actual Capacity and Actual Remaining-Designed Capacity.


This application will remove files that you don’t need on your iOS device. It will also remove languages, voice control languages and definition dictionaries that are not used by you. At the same time, it deletes iTuneArtwork files, wallpapers, iPad images and more.


This is an activator plugin, which connects to your to the AirPlay speaker. In case it fails to connect to one, it will try to connect to an AirPlay device. This is useful if your car has an AirPlay System installed on it.


This application will allow you to select certain applications or keyboard which usually can’t be added to the lock screen.


This tweak will allow you to quickly reply on WhatsApp.


If you own a BMW car that comes equipped with Bluetooth options and it’s able to display notifications from your mobile device to the iDrive screen. You will enable mail notifications on your BMW iDrive and read your emails on the way.


This application will bring a new style of notifications to your iPad.


By using panicLock you will be able to protect your applications. Just pick a secret gesture to protect your applications, and nobody will be able to open the applications installed on your device, if they don’t know the secret gesture or key combinations.


You’re not old enough for using Steam? Don’t worry, because by using this, you will be able to skip the Steam age verification.


By using SpringResearch, you will be able to change the color of the icon label and springboard status bar.


This application enables fingerprint protect access to settings, control center and applications.

iCaughtU Pro

This application will take a picture (by using the front side camera) when the lock password is introduced incorrectly. At the same time, it will automatically send an email with the location and more.


Amury comes with cool stuffs, from wallpapers, to UI redesign, to icons, settings icons and more. If you want to make your iOS 8 device look the way you like, by using Amury you will do it with just a few taps.


This application will keep track of the previously used application and allows you to get back to it with ease. By using this tweak, you will be able to switch between two applications with ease.


ReachApp comes with split-screen multitasking for your iOS 8 and allows you to view and interact with two applications at the same time, on a single screen.

iKeywi 3

By using this tweak, you will be able to customize the iPhone keyboard.


By using this tweak, you will be able to customize and re-order different camera modes inside the camera application.

Flick Scroll

This application comes with a totally new scrolling experience while reading a document or a webpage.


With IDBox, you will be able to switch between multiple Apple IDs with ease.


By using this application, you will be able to select WhatsApp friends. After you select your WhatsApp friends, you will get notified about their offline or online status, even if you closed the WhatsApp application. It will even notice you when a WhatsApp friend is typing in your chat.


If you were looking for the best file manager out there, then you should try out iFile. It will give you full access to your jailbroken iDevice. This is the best application out there that can give you advanced management and customization of the files from your device.


This application will secure the photos from your iOS device. In order to reach the photos, you will have to use the TouchID. At the same time, you can even restrict other actions that you can do with the Camera application or Photos application.


This tweak allows you to move the status bar indicator or even hide it.


This application brings more options to your camera timer that is found on iOS 8. Options that it brings are: disable/enable burst capture in timer mode, countdown timer values up to 3, select torch blinking styles and disable/enable torch in timer mode.

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