Best Accessories For The Incredible Microsoft Surface Pro 3

By itself, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a sleek tablet with brawny internals. Powerful hardware gives this tablet the performance of an ultrabook, though. Accessories help Microsoft’s flagship machine become a full-fledged laptop.

Then again, a variety of other accessories create a more user-friendly device. Every Surface Pro owner should consider adding some accessories in order to improve their own experience. A variety of peripherals and other additions are compatible with this device after all.

Surface Pro Type Cover

The Type Cover serves multiple purposes for Surface Pro 3 users. For starters, it adds a trackpad and keyboard to the device, creating a laptop setup. A Type Cover protects the device’s screen when not in use, too. $130 might seem like a steep price for this peripheral, but multiple degrees of functionality are added to the Surface Pro here. Currently, various colors are available for the Type Cover, which has a reputation for being a must-have accessory. Microsoft developed the peripheral specifically for this device after all.

Surface Pen

Of course, every Surface Pro 3 comes with a Surface Pen by default. A multi-touch pen is perfect for navigating through Windows 8 on the tablet. Users can even draw or take notes with the peripheral. On top of that, it includes buttons for right-clicking and erasing marks. The Surface Pro 2 featured a similar pen, although it featured lower accuracy and less usability. Most users will find themselves using the Surface Pen to flip through menus and programs. Luckily, this particular device is free with each tablet.

Bluetooth Keyboards and Trackpads/Mice

All Bluetooth keyboards are compatible with the Surface Pro 3. Therefore, users can choose from dozens of options that suit their needs. Trackpads and mice that utilize Bluetooth functionality are available, too. An individual won’t find themselves tether to the tablet as they are with the Type Cover. Obviously, a Bluetooth device can be positioned wherever the user desires. This leads to a more personalized experience for using and controlling the Surface Pro. Plenty of very affordable Bluetooth peripherals are sold right now.

10-Key Keypads

Certain users might find themselves crunching numbers on a regular basis. Fortunately, a USB 10-key keypad allows individuals to speed through tasks involving numbers or mathematics. These keypads connect to the Surface Pro and respond like they would on a desktop or laptop. Most keyboards designed for tablets lack space for such a keypad. However, that doesn’t mean that a user can’t add this functionality onto a tablet, especially this particular device. A basic keypad might cost $10 or less through most retailers.

Other Accessories Are Available!

Dozens of other accessories are designed for the Surface Pro 3 specifically. Some of them come from Microsoft, and others come from third-party manufacturers. For the best results, users should choose the accessories that make sense for them. Other potential options include cases, portfolio stands, and more. The Surface Pro features USB ports, so users can use any peripherals or storage devices here that they would attach to full-sized computers. In the end, options are nearly limitless for this laptop-tablet hybrid when it comes to accessories.

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