How To Find Friends on WhatsApp

Talking to your friends without needing to pay for the call is something that everyone wishes to do. With apps like WHATSAPP around, you can do just that. However, to use this app you have to first of all locate your friends. Here is how you can find friends on WhatsApp.

If you want to find your friends on WhatsApp you must first of all make sure that your friend has installed WhatsApp on their mobile device. Once they install this app on their mobile device the next step involves double-checking that you have entered your friend’s phone number correctly in the address book on your phone.

Once you are sure that you have correctly entered your friend’s phone number in the address book on your phone you will then need to input that number in the same way as you would when making a call to your friend. In case your friend’s number is an international number make sure that you don’t use any exit codes and you must also not use any leading zeroes in the number.

To begin an international call you must prefix the number with a plus sign after which you need to input your friend’s country code.

Next, open the WhatsApp application and refresh the Favorites screen. If you are using an Android phone then the screen will be called Select Contact. All your friends who have installed WhatsApp on their mobile devices will have their names listed in the Favorites screen. If your friend is on this list then you can contact him or her through WhatsApp.

However, if your friends do not have WhatsApp installed on their mobile devices, then to find them on WhatsApp you will first of all have to send them an invitation to use WhatsApp.

You can send them an invitation by doing the following:

· Start WhatsApp

· If you are using an iPhone then go to the Favorites Screen and there scroll down till you find “INVITE FRIENDS TO WHATSAPP”. Next, select a sharing service and then select your friend and send him or her an invitation to use WhatsApp.

· If you are using an Android device, then choose the SELECT CONTACT SCREEN. Click on the Menu Button and choose TELL A FRIEND. Now, pick a sharing service and type in your friend’s name to whom you want to send an invitation to.

· If you are using a Blackberry phone then go to the CONTACTS Screen and choose your friend’s name to send him or her an invitation. To send the invitation, choose the SEND INVITATION Button.

· On Nokia S60 phones, you will first of all have to navigate to CONTACTS screen after which select the name of your friend and then select OPTIONS and then click on INVITE VIA SMS.

· With an N60 Nokia phone you will need to navigate to ALL CONTACTS screen and then you have to choose your friend’s name after which choose his or her number and send them an invitation via SMS.

· If you own a Windows Phone then in the ALL SCREEN in WHATSAPP you will need to tap on your friend’s name and then choose INVITE “CONTACTS NAME” to WHATSAPP.

Now, enter your friend’s number to send him or her an SMS invitation or you can also send him or her an invitation via email.


When sending SMS invitations keep in mind the fact that you will have to pay for service charges from your mobile provider. These simple tips will help you find your friends on WhatsApp. Once you find them, there is nothing to stop you from talking to them for free.

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