WhatsApp Voice Calling Error Fix – When The Receiver Is Not Hearing You Talk

There are a lot of issues with the new Voice Calling feature that has been added to the WhatsApp client. A lot of users reported that the Voice Calling feature is either lagging, calls are randomly ending or the one who’s answering the call can’t even hear what the other person is saying.

In case you are one of the users who are not able to hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying while talking on WhatsApp, then we suggest you to read below about some simple steps that you can take to fix this issue. Keep in mind that the device must be rooted and in case it is not, then you should obtain root access before you try to use this fix.

WhatsApp Voice Calling issues: How to fix them on your Android device

First of all, download and install ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store. After that, launch the File Explorer application and swipe to the right in order to pull out the menu. You will now have to select the Tools section in order to locate the root explorer option. Enable the option by toggling the ON/OFF button in order to gain permission.

Now, since you have root permission, head to the system folder and select the build.prop and open it with ES Note Editor. After that, tap on the menu button (the three dots button from the top right side) and choose Edit.

Then, you will need to find and replace the value true with false from the code lines we will list below. First, search for use.dedicated.device.for.viop=true and replace the true value with false. After you change this line, it should look like this: use.dedicated.device.for.viop=false.

Now, search for use.voice.path.for.pcm.voip=true and again replace the true value with false. After you change this line, it should look like this: use.voice.path.for.pcm.voip=false.

That’s all, now save the file, open WhatsApp and try to call your friends.

Have you tried this fix yet? Tell us if it worked for you!

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