Apple iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C – Pricing and Specifications Compared

The recent launch of the iPhone 6 may have gathered everyone’s interest about having an iPhone with a large screen.

It, however, has not taken anything away from the fact that the 5S and the 5C – equally competent phones – are now available at discount prices. The fact that they are extremely good phones means that the new price is extremely attractive and it will be hard to look away.


The perceived disadvantage of the 5S and the 5C is the presence of a 4 inch display amidst a sea of Android phones that show no sign of slowing down in terms of the increase in the screen size. The 4 inch display may seem smaller on paper, but it is more than sufficient on a device that is meant for mobile use. It may be only a 0.5 inch increase over the original iPhone, but it keeps all the good things intact, while offering more screen space. Despite the increase in screen size, the devices are still compact in size.


The major difference between the 5S and the iPhone 5C comes in the quality and the type of materials used to construct the device. Being the premium of the two, it is not surprising that the iPhone 5S is the one that retains the metal and glass elements. The iPhone 5C opts for the plastic in order to be positioned lower in the segment. Strangely, the use of plastic has not helped the iPhone 5C being less than the iPhone 5S, in terms of the weight. In fact, the former is heavier by about 20 g even with the use of polycarbonate material.


Apple presents the iPhone 5C with yet another option to remain lower than the iPhone 5S in terms of prices. This comes in the memory department where the availability of an 8 GB variant, which is available on the more expensive iPhone 5S, should be a welcome addition. Likewise, the maximum memory capacity on the iPhone 5C is limited to only 32 GB, whereas one can even buy 64 GB variants in the iPhone 5S.


Since Apple is always lauded for the quality of its eight megapixel camera, the company has not made any significant changes to the rear camera on these two devices. This would seem as a disappointment, considering that many Android phones come with the ability to record videos with 4K resolution. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, despite their powerful processing capacities, can only record 1080p videos. The front facing camera, however, is similar in both phones and it continues to be the main arm of Facetime.

Fingerprint recognition technology has become the new buzzword after its introduction on the iPhone 5S, but it misses out on the iPhone 5C to keep the costs down. Prices of the iPhone 5S in the 16 GB variant have been reduced to $550, while the iPhone 5C can be bought for around $350.

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