Minecraft PS3 – Offering the Most Creative Outlet in the Gaming World

Creative Progress

The options in Minecraft PS3 are only limited by the player’s imagination. It feels awesome to create your first home using dirt or stone and after that, build a castle, a dining hall, an underground rail system and so on feels much greater. It offers the player a sense of creative progression. This is combined with the dangers present in the underground caverns, which are replete with monsters making the game a most exciting and rewarding one as well as the tensest one.

Random Worlds

The worlds in Minecraft are randomly generated and made of blocks of stone, dirt, sand and several other materials. The blocks are very colorful and come in attractive textures. They help you to be more creative, as you can rearrange them to convert the primordial world into anything that catches your fancy. You can create a mountainside house or a brick house or anything that you envision.

The Survival Mode

In this mode, you have to manually chip each block and collect it. Though the task is a tedious one, it is very rewarding and forms the basic gameplay of Minecraft. You get a great sense of pride by collecting and transporting these pieces by yourself.

The Bad Guys

The bad guys come to torment you during the night. They are quite scary but you can ward them away and protect yourself with a few items. You begin to search for more resources underground, where you will also face enemies that are more challenging. You can indulge in any goal, such as building rock gardens or an irrigation system under the ground, both of which are long-term projects. You can also bring in your friends into the game and can co operate with them or compete with them to produce grand creations. Minecraft PS3 version enables a split screen gameplay with four players. It also offers an online mode where a maximum of eight players can join and play together.


One of the main limitations of the PS3 version of the game is that the world size is not very big. In fact, it is quite tiny compared to the Minecraft PC version. When you share this space with others, it becomes much smaller and your ideas or plans also need to shrink in accordance with the smaller scale.

Learning a Craft

The tutorial in Minecraft PS3 shows you all the basic tasks of gathering and building as well as crafting items. You can learn how to enchant an item, brew a potion, begin to create a garden, set up an electric circuit, ride a boat, and lots more. There are plenty of activities that you can take part in and it is not simply about stacking up the blocks.

Excellent Crafting Interface

The crafting interface is very convenient and has many recipes that can be used in items. It will also highlight the item that is not present in your inventory. There are many combinations and you can use the built in recipes for crafting items, without the need for memorizing them or looking through wiki assistance. As you mine some materials, you get experience orbs and you can spend these on enchantments that make fighting easier. You can also get potions for healing and for offering resistance against fire and so on.

Creative Mode

The Creative Mode allows you to play freely, where you can turn off the monsters that offer you a lot of supplies and materials for building as much as you want. The Creative Mode offers a lot of flexibility, where you can check out the projects of others as well.

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