Minecraft Xbox 360 TU20 Update Features Overview

We all know playing video games is fun especially when hanging out with your friends. There’s this sense of competition especially when playing sporting and adventure games. For a game like Minecraft, competition is less keen, instead emphasis is laid on team building through the provision of a reward system and creating the right environment for gamers to thrive.

However there has been a drastic drop in the number of updates released by 4J studio, and this have been observed gamers who play the Xbox 360 Minecraft video game. Normally, multiple updates on Minecraft are normally released yearly but in the last one year, all the updates were reduced to one major update. It is expected that the latest update called TU20 will include features that will make the long wait worthwhile.

According to latest information coming 4J studio, Minecraft 1.6.4 update on PC will be equivalent to Minecraft Xbox One 360 TU20. This latest information may not surprise many people, but it should be noted that the Xbox is at 1.3 of PC, which means that 3 updates make up this update.

Features of Minecraft Xbox 360 TU20 Update

everything featured on the 1.4 update are included in this update. New villains like Wither Skeleton and witches provide good excitement to Minecraft video game players, even though this is the smallest of the three. The ability of zombies to pick up weapons and the inclusion of beacons which gives you buffs help to the game more exciting to play.

The Wither boss is one of the most difficult mobs to take out in the game, and it requires the services of friends to take out or the use of special magical weapons. This makes the Wither boss one of the most exciting additions of the game, and there are more survival goals to achieve. This helps to lengthen the game thereby making it difficult to conclude the game easily.

The 1.5 update is the second update to be included, and it is also called the redstone update. the redstone was changed entirely in the 1.5 update after being changed to having multiple ways of input from a digital signal. For example having a multiple sensor which sends out light at the peak of the day or pressure plate which is more signal based on the number of items, and this will give you the ability to lock the door at certain time of the day.

The redstone system was overhauled in this version but it will also supplemented by the Hoppers, which gives you the ability to automatically move items to droppers (which are simplified versions of dispensers), the chest and the furnace. New blocks like the new mine cart and the redstone block will also included in this update.

Also, a new set of clay will be included in the TU20 update, and this will serve as a means of transport around the place. You can choose whatever color you want for the hardened clay and it will add extra health by improving your golden apple, and there are ways coals can be grouped for smelting.

In conclusion, the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU20 update is packed with a lot of features specially designed to give gamers a thrilling experience. The release date for the Minecraft Xbox 360 TU20 update isn’t known, but it’s expected to happen anytime from now. This upcoming update from the stables of 4J studio will certainly be more exciting to play when compared with the previous updates.

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