WhatsApp Video Call Feature Added On Latest APK Version

The Voice Calling feature testing for WhatsApp is close to ending and soon enough, all WhatsApp users will be able to use this awesome feature on their smartphones. This feature was firstly been reported by a user from India who posted on Reddit a few screenshots and a video of the Voice Calling feature in action. Back then, he said that this feature was activated on his device after someone called him.

It seems that the developers prefer to perform their tests with users from that region, as it is not the first time when Indian users were able to test some new features of other applications. After his post, more users have posted their screenshots as well, showing this upcoming feature.

It’s not certain how many people were able to test the Voice Calling feature on their WhatsApp account, but soon enough we’re pretty sure that all WhatsApp users will be able to use it.

From the images and videos posted on Reddit, the WhatsApp Voice Calling feature comes with a few options which include: speakerphone settings, a mute button and the ability to send text messages to your other friends during a call. The latest reports say that the new feature is still buggy, but hopefully soon enough the developers will end all their tests and will release the new feature for public.

WhatsApp: Video Calling feature

New rumors say that WhatsApp’s developers are actually working on introducing the Video Calling feature on WhatsApp. If this proves to be true, then we’re pretty sure that there will be a lot of people switching to WhatsApp. However, since the developers still face some issues with the Voice Calling feature, it will take a while until they will release a Video Calling feature. But once they fix all the issues and bugs on the Voice Calling feature, it shouldn’t be hard to implement the Video Calling feature. The only real problem is the Video lagging caused by a poor internet connection, which needs to be solved.

Until now, there is no official news regarding the Video Calling feature or if it will be implemented to WhatsApp in the near future, but hopefully, the developers will come with an announcement soon.

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