5 Must Have Apps for Mac OS X Yosemite Users

Mac offers a wide range of apps to its users. If you are also blessed with such advance machine then we have a very attractive list compiled for you that you really need to consider in order to get maximum from your Mac.


Apple has added some major features with the release of OS X Yosemite to its previous Spotlight. Spotlight is added with more power and capabilities turning it into a Flashlight. It is added with more search capabilities to include support for more plugins. It has also strengthened and enriched its highly interactive search for specific weather, messages, and much more.


KeyTouch is just an added advantage if you are a pro Apple user. With KeyTouch on your Mac, you will be able to unlock your Mac by scanning your finger right from your iPhone. KeyTouch is a good option if you do not want to remember passwords or pin codes as this app will do all the remembering for you. Plus it is pretty cool to do so. KeyTouch is available in Apple Store for a menial price of $0.99.


HyperDock can be considered as a feature that Apple should have added but forgot to do so. HyperDock will give your OS X Yosemite’s desktop a very smarter look as it will show preview of apps without opening them avoiding clutter on your screen. It will also give you an experience like that of Windows PC by providing snap open apps in place for better window management. HyperDock also has extensive support iTunes, Calendar, VLC Player and many other apps.


ControlAir has taken controlling your Mac to next level. With its kinetic-like support you can operate and give commands to your Mac simply by moving your fingers. If you want to mute all the sounds on your Mac you simply move your finger to your lips and that is it. Mac will be total silent until your next command. There are many other options available by moving your finger from left to right or vice versa. The Mac’s built-in camera can also track your finger movements and give you a better user experience.


Pixelmator is very trending substitute for Adobe Photoshop only because of its high interactive mode and easy accessibility. With its powerful tools featuring selection, painting, retouching, drawing tools, brushes, effects and number of filters, it is a must app for graphic designers or if you just want to spice up your pictures. It is available for sale at $29.99 but its 30-day trial can be downloaded from Pixelmator.com.

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