Nintendo’s Next Console NX Will not Launch Until 2016

It has been some time now since the Wii U console got launched, but Nintendo confirmed that they will not be launching the NX console anytime now.

The new console has been named as NX at the moment and everyone is looking forward to it, because Nintendo is known for introducing innovative features with every console launch. Some analysts and players predicted that they will be talking about the upcoming platform during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015. But, in an interview, Iwata confirmed that they have no plans to launch it until 2016. The company will be focusing strongly on releasing a couple of mobile games in this period and also on strengthening the existing game titles on current consoles before moving onto a new one.

No NX Until 2016

Iwata said, “At the moment, we have no plans on talking about the NX console. There will be no information to share about it until 2016. Presently, our team is still working on ideas to create the right hardware that will be future proof and truly next gen. But, we can’t confirm a timeline before which the NX console will be ready”.

The information was shared by him during the investor meet. Iwata also said that they are not going to simply replace the Nintendo 3DS console or the Wii U. Rather, their idea is to introduce a brand new concept that the industry has never seen and stay ahead of competition. Creating something so innovative instead of simple replacements will take time which is why they have to take time to build it.

Other Launches

A lot of questions on Nintendo’s plans for E3 2015 were posed by the media. People wanted to know more about the NX console to which Iwata confirmed that it will not be discussed at the moment. Instead, they will have the E3 dedicated to talking about game titles for 3DS and Wii U. It will also not be used to talk about smartphones and games on them, as the event is for video game discussions.

In another interview, Nintendo in association with DeNA announced that they are going to release at least five games on smartphones and tablets before the end of 2017. That’s a long period to go by, but the developer team said that they are looking at giving out quality game titles, rather than releasing multiple ones in this competitive industry. You will soon be able to play Mario and Zelda on your phones.

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