Adobe Flash Player 18 Free Download – Major Security Improvements and Bug Fixes

Adobe Flash Player 18 is now available for free download from the official website of the app.

However, this version is in beta and as such, be warned that you might experience some buggy performances.

The overall app has however received some major improvements and lots of bugs that were noted in the previous Adobe Flash player 17 have been taken care of. There are also security improvements and bug fixes that have been included in the latest Adobe Flash Player 18, making it run smoother and perform much better than the previous version.

Adobe Flash Player 18 APK not yet stable

As noted above, the latest Adobe Flash player 18 is still not stable. The beta versions of applications are meant for developer testing and in case you want to get a glance of the coming features in Flash Player 18, you can still get an APK file of this application from the official website of the app. The good part of this story is that Adobe Flash Player has the tendency of automatically updating itself whenever an update is made available. So, this shouldn’t be a bother to you, unless you have disabled the automatic updates of this media player.

Nonetheless, don’t expect the latest Adobe Flash Player 18 to automatically update on your device, since this is still in beta and as such, using it involves manually downloading and installing of the player. Always ensure that you download the version that suits your installed OS.

No Adobe Flash Player 18 for Windows 8

One thing you need to note is that there is no version of the Adobe Flash player 18 that is dedicated to Windows 8. This means that you either wait until Adobe releases this version or use third party web browsers like Chrome or Firefox to install the Flash Payer 18 plugin on your PC. This shouldn’t be a problem to get from the official Adobe web page.

Latest Adobe Flash Player 18 APK free download

As mentioned earlier, Adobe Flash Player 18 comes in with major improvements to the security department of the app as well as more bug fixes to issues that were found in the previous version, Flash Player 17. However, there are still other notable additions to this app and they include improvements in the installation process where the app no longer demands that all other running browsers or web pages be closed before proceeding with the installation.

Furthermore, you will come across new APIs in the latest Adobe Flash Player 18, which will be a welcome for Flash Player game developers. In the past, users have complained about issues related to zooming in and out from within the browser. This has been taken care of and now it is possible for this to happen when browsing the web.

How to remove Adobe Flash Player 18 beta from your PC

Adobe Flash Player 18 is unstable and as such, it might not work as you expected it to. This is something that will be taken care of once the stable version is rolled out. So, in case you are not happy with the performance of Flash Player 18, removing it from your PC is just as easy as installing it. Just go to and search for Flash Player beta uninstaller. Download this application and once you double click on it, the app will initiate the process of uninstalling the recently installed Flash Player 18 beta.

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