DriveClub Dev Admits They Never Foresaw Server Issues


Game developers and the publishing houses, of any title, always hold the responsibility of having to cater to their gamers’ needs.

When you purchase a new title by paying the full price of $60, you obviously want to play the game and experience what the team has developed for you. It was a great fiasco when Electronic Arts and DICE game Battlefield 4 failed to hardly meet player expectations. A similar issue came up with the Sim City which never allowed players to play the game as the servers crashed and it couldn’t verify if their copy is legit.

DriveClub is a relatively new title that has joined this fiasco bandwagon. The Evolution Studios’ developed game has been facing annoying server issues which have made the game’s online features simply unreachable. Since last week, which is when it got released, the game gave too much trouble to players and those who purchased it couldn’t go online or enjoy what they paid for. The developers at Evolution Studios in a recent statement said that they never could foresee such server issues and didn’t expect so many players to go online.

Too Many Players

As a matter of fact, too many players are what any game developer aims to attract, because the more popular a game gets, the more successful it could be. DriveClub failed because its servers couldn’t cope with the sheer number of players who purchased the title and attempted to connect their copy online. The problem is not limited to a specific region because players from Europe started complaining earlier that their disc version of the game didn’t work as it should. Because of these issues, the developing studio Evolution has introduced a new policy named the one in one out.

Players won’t be able to login unless the other players on the servers disconnect. This way, they ensure that at least a couple of players would be able to login to their servers and play the game, rather than spoiling the experience for the entire crowd.

Director Defends Their Mistake

Director of the game, Paul Rustchynsky defends saying, “We never faced such server issues during our beta testing and when it didn’t occur, it is a given that we never prepared ourselves to face such a situation. We also tried running large scale, with tens of thousands of users concurrently and nothing went wrong”. It is not the right statement to make at this point; but he also promised that they are working to fix it.


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