WhatsApp Starts Rolling Out Free Voice Calling Feature, But Only for Select Users

WhatsApp is the best app for connecting people across the globe.

This application makes use of simple text, audio and video, as well as photo messages in letting users keep in touch with each of their friends and relatives who are also using the application.

WhatsApp has grown to become a very popular app since it began its operations back in 2009. Despite the huge success WhatsApp has achieved, there has been a lot of pressure coming from external forces like Viber, Skype, WeChat and Line, forcing the app into taking drastic measures with an aim of maintaining its top position as the best provider of instant messaging services.

WhatsApp has only been offering the users with free instant messaging services in the whole period it has been around and one surprising thing about it is that it has managed to do it with a very limited number of services. Other apps like Viber and WeChat offer users with additional communication services in the shape of free voice and video calling, yet they are nowhere near WhatsApp as far as number of users is concerned.

WhatsApp to offer free calls

WhatsApp monetizes its services by demanding that users pay a fee of $0.99 after using the application for the first one year as a freeware. With the new addition of a free voice calling feature, there is nothing that is expected to change of this app. Users will still be asked to pay the nominal fee required for using the app and nothing more.

This means that just like with the case of Skype, Viber and Hangouts, users of WhatsApp will be able to make voice calls to other users of the app without paying anything, apart from the usual internet charges levied for data bundles. Better still, you can make use of a Wi-Fi connection and still make the calls without paying anything.

Even though apps like Skype and Viber are known for their affordable calling rates when placing calls to non-users of the app, the same cannot be said of WhatsApp as even the new free voice calling feature has not yet been confirmed. Furthermore, there is no news of whether the feature will include video calling services to the same platform for free or users will have to wait a little bit longer.

WhatsApp free calling feature available to select users

The new voice calling feature has been availed for a certain group of users, which makes us believe that the feature is still being tested. Only active invites can ensure you get a glance of the new WhatsApp free voice calling feature. Alternatively, you can get the APK file of the latest version from the official WhatsApp website using your PC and install it on your smartphone.

You’ll notice an additional tab for “Calls” and from here, users of WhatsApp will be able to keep track of the calls they have had on the app, be it received, dialed or missed calls. In order to see this new interface, make sure to download the latest version 2.11.508 from the official WhatsApp website and not using the official Google Play Store.

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