Top 5 Clash of Clans Secrets

Like many other casual games, Clash of Clans has many tips, tricks and secrets that have not been well documented. There are thus several tips and tricks that you can learn with time to give you an edge over your competitors.

Here are top 5 Clash of Clan secrets which you must know. These secrets are good and will assist you to quickly advance the game through different levels. 

1. Raid inactive players 

The first important secret to quickly advance is to raid inactive players. When raiding, you definitely would want to go for the massive lot. Inactive players constitute the massive lot and have full Gold mines and Elixir collectors. You can find them by looking for competitors that do not have any League Assignment which are next to their name. This will mean an easy raid that results in a very huge payout. You can get over 1 million resources within a single raid.

2. Take your time 

The first secret many people overlook, even the best Clashers, is taking their time as they upgrade. You may want to make sure that your defenses are strong enough. You do not want to upgrade when you are underdeveloped, this could result in other players attacking you and taking your hard earned resources. Upgrading too quickly eventually slows you down at later levels, this could sometimes leave your village too weak to defend yourself from oncoming attacks.

3. Always ensure that you get your revenge 

Many players will never take a revenge. You can therefore use this secret to your advantage. When taking a revenge, you are allowed to inspect someone’s village. One good thing about this great secret is that you can use an opponent’s attack against them. Revenge too, has always been very sweet.

4. Save your campaigns for later rainy days 

At the start of the game, there is usually a tip which indicates that if you may need more resources, you can use the single player campaign to fight goblins and gain resources. This is true, however, if you used the campaigns on early stages of the game, they may not really pay out considerably. You can be able to win up to 4.8 million resources if you save campaigns for 5 levels for that rainy day.

5. Drop some trophies with other heroes 

After playing the game for a long time, you will later realize that you may want to get rid of some trophies. The Clash of Clans game is simply about bullying people that are weaker than you. After this rise, the competition gets overwhelmingly tough due to the trophies. Dropping your trophies can be done through a simple trick. Choose your hero, start a march, drop your hero then drop the match before any damage is done. You will drop some cups and this will cost you nothing.

This wraps up on a quick guide to top 5 Clash of Clans secrets, hopefully, this will assist you to defeat most of your foes and attackers. Using these secrets will also give you an advantage over many other players. 

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