Download WhatsApp and Use Emoji on Android and iOS Devices

Without a doubt, emoji and emoticons continue to grow in popularity. Smartphone users love adding these faces and icons into their text messages. Free messaging apps don’t always include support for these items, but WhatsApp is an outlier. In WhatsApp, each person can use the emoji included on their own smartphones with ease.

The messaging app includes integration for these icons, and accessing them takes mere seconds for each message. Non-users should consider downloading this app as soon as possible to reap these benefits.

How Do Emoji Work in WhatsApp?

When a person uses WhatsApp, they have full access to emoji. As a user types a message, he or she can tap a button to bring up a list of emjoi. That person is then presented with every emoticon that is available on that particular smartphone. Some phones come with more icons than others, though WhatsApp supports all of them. After pulling up the emoji tray, users can include as many icons as they want in their messages. This process couldn’t be more simple, and users send millions of emoji every day of the year.

Download WhatsApp For Android, iOS, and Other Platforms

Like most free messaging apps, WhatsApp is available across multiple platforms. This includes Android OS and iOS, which are the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store both carry this app. In fact, it often tops the list of most popular apps available for free. All users with Android and iOS can download WhatsApp onto their smartphone and get started with this incredible messaging platform today. The process shouldn’t require more than five minutes from start to finish.

To get started, a user should visit the app store that applies to their smartphone. That person then needs to locate the main page for WhatsApp, and a simple search will yield this page. Tapping on the install button will initiate the download process. From there, the app should be downloaded and installed within a few minutes. Slower connections might require more time, but even a basic data connection can handle the download within five minutes. Users are then ready to get started with WhatsApp.

Verification In WhatsApp

Well, users can get started with the app as soon as they verify their phone numbers. WhatsApp will send a text message to that device, and the message contains a specialized code. A person must enter that code into the app in order to verify the device. Plus, users then need to sync their contacts to the app. This allows the app to figure out which contacts have WhatsApp installed. Only users can contact each other through WhatsApp, and non-users will not receive messages from current users.

Enjoy WhatsApp and Emoji Today!

Downloading WhatsApp is the smartest move a smartphone owner can make. This free messaging app comes with more features than emoji integration. At the moment, users can send text and video messages to each other with ease. Calling features are being implemented right now, too. The possibilities are limitless with WhatsApp, and current users already know this fact.

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