The Best WhatsApp Alternatives – Telegram, Line, Skype, Hangouts, KakaoTalk and Kik Free Download

WhatsApp is obviously the most popular instant messaging app today.

Being a popular app doesn’t mean everyone likes using this app. There are those who have been using it for some time and now they are thoroughly over it. On the other hand, there is another group which simply likes keeping a fervent eye on the horizon with respect to the next best instant messaging application.

If you happen to be any of these people, then you are in the right place as we have assembled for you a list of the best instant messaging apps that can fill the void left by WhatsApp in the best ways possible.


When Facebook announced that it was going to acquire WhatsApp, there was a mass migration of WhatsApp users to Telegram. One major reason why many moved to this platform so swiftly is the fact that this instant messaging app is well equipped as far as the security of the users is concerned. Telegram has enormous focus on user privacy, which is an area that WhatsApp has performed so poorly.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram will ensure that you have the most secure as well as the fastest alternative to this popular messenger. You will also enjoy cloud storage, secret chats and group chats with up to 200 people, as well as share files of any size, using this Telegram application. Furthermore, this application is available for free.


Skype is the granddaddy of this instant messaging industry, having begun its services in 2003. Unlike with the case of WhatsApp which lacks dedicated support for voice and video calling, you don’t have to bother yourself with questions of when or even whether your app will get all these features.

Skype jumped onto the mobile niche in 2007, having started strictly as a PC app. Since the introduction of Android, it has grown to become a mainstay thanks to the amazing capabilities it offers users with respect to sharing of files, making free voice and video calls as well as offering a platform for calling users not on Skype on their mobile phone numbers or landlines.

With Skype, you’ll be sure of reaching a large number of users. Furthermore, you’ll access free services for life, unlike WhatsApp which asks for subscription fees after using it for the first one year as a free app.


Line recently hit the 600 million mark with respect to the number of subscriptions. Despite not enjoying the same popularity as WhatsApp, the recent rise in the number of people using Line is not something to be taken lightly. In essence, Line presents users with a younger Skype, offering them with basically the same functions, but with a few more unique and cooler aspects. For instance, Line allows users to follow accounts of their favorite celebrities, play games as well as access the largest sticker market. Try out this app today and you won’t regret anything at all.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts first showed up with the Nexus 5, where it still features as the default instant messaging app. In essence, what Google means is that in every upcoming Android-based smartphone, users will come across a pre-installed Hangouts app. However, you can still disable this app from being the default chat option just in case you feel otherwise.

Better still, Hangouts is one of the best instant messengers you can get out there. This app lets users make free calls to other users as well as send messages to them. You can access a Dialer where you can key in a phone number and call any person who is not using this app. However, you’ll first of all need to sign up for a Google Voice Number which will let you place calls to non-users of Hangouts. This option currently works for US residents only.

‘Hangouts’ comes with a sticker collection for messaging purposes and you can also see when the last time someone was online thanks to the addition of the “Last Seen” timestamp in the latest version.


KakaoTalk is another amazing alternative to WhatsApp. This app comes with almost similar features as Skype, offering users with free messaging as well as calling services. You can access group chats, share media, location, use stickers, themes as well as emojis when connecting with your friends. It is even possible to connect with your favorite brands, connect with friends on BBM, install it on multiple devices as well as multitask with the app.


In the recent past, people have taken to the phrase “Kik me” just in the same way they have taken to the phrase “Google it”. What Kik does is come out with a bit of old school flavor in the chat room. While it is possible for any person to find you using Kik, it is always you who is in control of the situation. You can access group chats of up to 50 people as well as use hashtags to find or create groups. Kik groups can effectively be managed thanks to the addition of Admin powers in the latest version. You can join the more than 200 million people who make use of this app with keeping in touch with each other today and for sure, you’ll be amazed at how this app fills the void left behind by WhatsApp.

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