WhatsApp Plus 7.0.0 APK Download – Glitches Fixed and Top Enhancements

WhatsApp is currently being used by 800 million enthusiasts in every corner of the world. Besides the voice call feature, people use this app to stay connected with distant relatives or friends by messaging them or calling them. But, fans have been wanting some features lately and unfortunately developers haven’t been able to satisfy their requests. So, several autonomous developers though of creating some other variants which are aimed to please the users and give them the features they want.

This variant is WhatsApp Plus and the newest 7.0.0 option. WhatsApp Plus was considered an illegal app at first, but after it was launched, lots of former WhatsApp fans reached out to the Plus variant. But Zuckerberg was not pleased with this reaction and decided to do something about it. So he demanded the online stores to eliminate the illegitimate app. However, this didn’t put an end to the app’s existence. So in the end, developers came out with a version of WhatsApp Plus that no longer banned users for 24 hours.

This new variant permits users to send up to 50 MB of files and you won’t have to worry about the resolution of you images being altered. You can also add contact profile images to your chats or you can decide to conceal your profile photo if you desire. You can also enjoy a lot more themes, thus you can personalize your account in a more original way. Play around with the background of the chats, alter the fonts and color if you wish and allow everyone to know your current location by sharing it.

The 7.0.0 version that was just released fixed some minor glitches and you can find this new version available online. Just make sure that before you set it up, you tick the Unknown sources box (head on to Settings for this). Enjoy!

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