WhatsHack Download Now Available – Edit Tour Messages, Hide The Receiving Time and more

WhatsApp application is currently used by over 800 million people and the number keeps growing. There are a lot of WhatsApp modified applications out there and one of the most used is called WhatsApp Plus, which allows the users to disable the read receipt feature, change the font size and many more.

However, a new modified WhatsApp application has been released and it’s called WhatsHack. This application allows you to add or erase content inside the WhatsApp Chats. With other words, you can erase some of the messages you’ve received from a friend of yours and add another text. This is a great application to trick your friends and we suggest you to use it in case you want to have some fun.

Using WhatsHack can also save your marriage, in case you are cheating your husband or your wife. If you have a partner who’s checking your smartphone from time to time, it is better to be cautious and erase all the “tracks” that leads him/her to your infidelity.

WhatsHack and the features that it comes with

Using WhatsHack you will be able to take control of your smartphone and add or erase content from WhatsApp. You can also edit the time when a message was sent, which is pretty awesome. Keep in mind that this application doesn’t connect to the WhatsApp servers and instead, it just reads the databases from your phone, allowing you to read WhatsApp messages without letting people know you’ve read them (in case you’ve got enabled “read receipts”).

This application can also be used to make jokes to your friends and trick them to believe that everything from what they see on your WhatsApp account is true (for example, making them believe that their girlfriend is hitting on you on WhatsApp by editing the messages she sent you).

Installing WhatsHack on your Android smartphone

First of all, you will need to search on Google for WhatsHack APK and download the file on your Android smartphone. After that, enable the “Unknown Sources” option from Settings->Security and install the application on your Android device. After the installation is complete, start editing the messages that you want from your WhatsApp account.

HINT: WhatsHack requires your Android smartphone to be rooted or else it will not work.

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