Google Hangouts 3.1.0 APK Free Download and Install Latest Version on Android

Google Hangouts is an instant messaging application that is designed by Google.

This messenger came to life back in 2013 and in just a short period of time, it has managed to topple a number of top providers of internet communication towards becoming the ultimate messenger for Android devices.

In fact, the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with Google Hangouts as the default messaging application. However, this situation can be changed by the user if they feel like downloading and installing a different app like WhatsApp or Viber free download. Google Hangouts came in to take the place of the famous Google Talk and it has been very successful at doing this. Furthermore, this application is used as the video chatting platform by all Google+ users.

By using the latest version of Google Hangouts, it is possible to make free voice calls to other users of the app as well as send free text messages to these persons. What you only need to qualify as a Hangouts user is a Gmail account. As long as you have this account, you can keep in touch with any person having a Gmail account via the Hangouts application. The latest version of this instant messaging and VoIP messenger comes in with quite a number of improvements as well as fixes to bugs that were present in past versions.

Google Hangouts 3.1.0 stable version available in Google Play Store

You can now download the latest stable version of Google Hangouts from the official Google Play Store. This is only if you are using an Android-based smartphone or tablet. However, you can get the same application in the Windows Phone App Store if you are a user of Windows Phone device or do the same if you are an iOS user, but look for the app in the iTunes App Store.

In order for this application to be installed on an Android smartphone or tablet, the device must be running on at least Android 2.3 or a newer version, otherwise, the application won’t work well. For users of iPads, iPods and iPhones you must be using at least iOS 6.1 or a newer version for this app to work. The same also works for PC users, however, these users only need the latest version of Google Chrome web browser in order to get this new Hangouts 3.1.0 free download. If you are using Firefox, you can download this plugin and install it in the browser and you won’t have any problem with communicating using the latest version of Google Hangouts.

Call landlines and mobile phones using Google Hangouts

The latest version allows users to make free calls to other users of the app as long as they are connected to the internet. This is however not the case when contacting someone who is not using the app on their phone, tablet or PC. You must pay a nominal fee for making calls to these non-users of Google Hangouts, but this only applies to those living outside the U.S. and Canada.

Google Hangouts will save your chats such that you can access them from any device, be it a PC, tablet or phone. It is possible to carry conversations from one device to another and with the inclusion of push notifications you will never miss any message even if you were away. All your shared photos are loaded and saved in a private Google Plus album. You can use the numerous stickers, emojis and animated GIFs to make your conversations more fun.

It is also possible to have group conversations using the latest version of Google Hangouts 3.1.0 APK free download where you can form chat groups of up to 100 people, Furthermore, you can invite up to 10 people in a video call as well as share location using this communication application from Google.

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