Telegram vs. WhatsApp Free Download – David and Goliath Face to Face

WhatsApp is a very popular messenger application for smartphones with more than 450 million users, adding million of users on a daily basis.

It was recently bought over by Facebook and has brought in some interesting updates with a new calling feature included. Telegram is also a popular messenger app, but it is comparatively new. It was released in 2013, whereas WhatsApp was released way back in 2009. A big company does not support telegram, whereas Facebook, the social networking giant, now supports WhatsApp.

More Security

Telegram offers more security when compared to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a little prone to attacks or hacks, as the security measures are not very impressive. On the other hand, the creators of Telegram are very confident of their security features and have even gone to the extent of offering a bounty of $20,000 to anybody who can hack into the MTProto, which is the backbone of their communications. The app has heavy encryption and offers good security.

What’s Similar?

Both the apps allow you to send free messages and photos, as also audio and video messages. You can also share your location within the apps and send contacts. However, Telegram also allows you to send documents, whereas this is not possible in WhatsApp.

Easy Configuration

Both the applications are very easy to set up and configure. You get a very good user experience in these apps and the interface is simple and neat. You need to create the account using your mobile phone number. The apps also offer plenty of customization features. For instance, you can create your profile picture and set up a display name. You can also customize the notification sounds, block a particular user, change the background of the chat screen, delete a conversation or deactivate your account whenever you want.

However, in addition, you can also disable or enable animations in Telegram. Telegram is also available in eight languages and you are able to terminate a session in all your devices. In case of WhatsApp, you can make changes to your status or your telephone number. You can also email a chat conversation, clear a conversation and have a backup for your conversation, though these are not stored in the cloud. Telegram does not allow users to send the conversations through emails and if you want to create a new number, you have to deactivate the account and then create a new one.

No Ads Policy

You can also send secret messages through Telegram, by accessing Contacts and moving to New Secret Chat. The organization is not for profit so you will never find advertisements. However, WhatsApp also has a no advertisement policy as of now.

Where WhatsApp Scores

WhatsApp scores mostly because it is HUGE. There are plenty of members using the app and it is highly likely that most of your friends have the app on their phones. However, Telegram does not enjoy such popularity and you might have a tough time convincing your friends to download the app and use it. WhatsApp also allows voice messages and now it has also brought in a calling feature.


The best messaging app is one that has all your friends in it. In this aspect, there is no doubt that WhatsApp wins hands down. It is highly probable that all your friends use WhatsApp; so it is the best option right now. Telegram cannot hold a candle or even come close to the number of users present on WhatsApp. Telegram enjoys a user base of around 10 million, whereas WhatsApp has around 500 million active users. However, Telegram is a totally free app, whereas you will have to make a payment of $0.99 per year after the first free year.

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