Apple TV 4th Generation Release Date In 2015

New rumors about the Apple TV 4 have come to the surface. In concordance with 9to5Mac, Apple TV 4 will release a media streamer with a slimmer design than its predecessor and it will feature a new remote control and a redesigned operating system that will include the App Store.

Apple TV 4th generation: App Store

Adding App Store to Apple TV 4 might be a good idea, because the users will be able to download more games and channels from it. According to rumors, you will be able to play even more detailed games on the upcoming Apple TV 4th generation.

Over the two years, the Apple TV brought some good revenues to Apple, but in case the developers want to keep up with other streaming devices, then they need to come with something that will make the Chromecast, Roku or Amazon Fire users ditch their devices for the new Apple TV 4th generation.

Many of the features that can be found on the current Apple TV are also found on other streaming devices, especially if the users are planning to use them only to access Hulu Plus or Netflix.

However, Apple TV also comes with some unique features which you can find only in this device.

For example, AirPlay is one of the features that are found only on Apple TV, which allows you to stream content directly from your iPad, Mac or iPhone. Another feature that’s found on Apple TV is “Home Sharing” and it allows you to share your iTunes media library with multiple devices, including Apple TV. With other words, you will simply sync all your media files with all the computers that are inside your house and with your Apple TV. With other words, Home Sharing is very useful if you are using iTunes for movies, TV shows, music, etc.

What to expect from the upcoming Apple TV 4th generation

Rumors say that the upcoming Apple TV will feature 4K or Ultra High Definition which will allow you to view photos, movies, etc. at a very high resolution.

The new Apple TV is expected to support iOS games and social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Since most of the iOS users are playing games or chatting on social networks, it seems that the developers understood that they need to bring these services on the upcoming streaming device also.

The device will most likely come with integrated storage and live TV recording. If rumors prove to be right, the upcoming Apple TV will also feature a SSD hard drive that will help users store images, videos in it and they’ll record their favorite shows and play them later.

The upcoming Apple TV is expected to be released sometime in the autumn of 2015.

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