WhatsApp Latest Update Free Download – To Obtain VoIP Phone Calls?

Stellar IM service WhatsApp rolls out the variant of initiating internet calls using the iOS version.

Let’s start off by explaining the VoIP term. This is the abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. Okay, but what does this actually mean? Using VoIP services means that consumers use the Internet (the main conveyance route) for all calls by forwarding voice data in ‘folders” using their IP and not the common place conveyance of the PSTN. One of the main perks about using this type of service, is that you do not have to pay extra for your calls.

But there are some advantages and disadvantages and the question is, is this really something WhatsApp must do?

We can say for sure that by including this VoIP even more consumers will have the opportunity to initiate video calls and they can enjoy the rest of the WhatsApp’s features that allows people to keep in touch.

But this is not all, a recording system might also be implemented. The rest of the existing apps such as Google Hangout, Skype, Facebook and also Viber all have the VoIP included. This means that anyone can initiate a voice call with an extended connection. There are some add-ons that are accessible for Skype and Google Voice to actually record one’s call, but the rest of the apps don’t think these types of adds-on are important.

Recording a phone conversation without the other person knowing about it, is pretty much illegal, well at least in the US. Also the tricky thing about this new feature is that if you surpass your data plan, you will have to pay a lot more money. This is different from when you use your phone to call a friend, because the VoIP calls are actually data “folders” which are being conveyed over the internet all the way through the provider’s router, its final destination

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