Surface Pro 3 Ready for Windows 10 – Surface Pro 4 Release Date Soon

If you own a Surface Pro 3, then you should start upgrading to Windows 10 if you want to, as Brian Hall, the Microsoft Surface General Manager stated that this can be already done.

The tablet manufactured by Microsoft is targeting businesses which need the power and function of a laptop, but in some sort of a “tablet”. With that being said, all these things are in their current Surface Pro 3, which comes with great features and most of the big companies would want it on their desks.

Some say that laptops are always a better option, but Brian Hall said that this device is lighter than a laptop and comes with the same performance as a laptop. Hall said that big companies such as BMW, Coca Cola, Louis Vuitton, University of Pittsburg Medical Center, Lotus 1 Team and Cincinnati Country Day School decided to change their old computers with the Surface Pro 3.

Hall added that Microsoft aims to keep things as simple as possible for the IT departments of the companies who opt to use their Surface Pro 3. Microsoft made sure that all the firmware and drivers of the Surface Pro 3 can be accessed with ease by technicians. And to make things even more attractive, Microsoft also offers Surface tech support to help customers setup their Surface Pro 3 in order to run as smoothly as it can.

Surface Pro 3 upgradable to Windows 10

The Surface Pro 3 can now be upgraded to the latest Windows version, which is Windows 10, but at the same time Hall mentioned that Surface Pro 3 will continue to support Windows 8.1 and it will be upgradable to the final Windows 10 when it will be released.

Microsoft has also announced that they are working on improving the device’s Wi-Fi connectivity along with other small fixes. These improvements will be felt in the upcoming days, when the patch will be ready.

Surface Pro 4 will be unveiled soon

As Hall said on his blog on October 9, the Surface Pro 4 will be released soon. The owners of the Surface Pro 3 should be happy to know that the upcoming Surface Pro 4 will be compatible with the current accessories they have on their Surface Pro 3, so they won’t have to buy new accessories if they will get the new tablet when it’s released.

When this news was revealed, a lot of rumors have spread all over the internet suggesting that the upcoming Surface Pro 4 will have the same 12inch display, which is the same display size that Surface Pro 3 currently has and that it will run on Windows 10.

It is rumored that the Surface Pro 4 will be unveiled in 2015, but at the moment we don’t have any official news.

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