Whatsapp Latest Update 2.12.45 Lets Users Backup Content on Google Drive

By now, users would have hardly noticed all the changes that are being rolled out in the Whatsapp Android version, because there is one update or the other almost every week.

Instead of simply focusing on bug fixes and improving the performance of the app, the developers seem to be really enthusiastic that they are rolling out a new feature every weekend. If you have been following the news, you would have heard that a couple of weeks ago voice calls was introduced to the application.

It now enables everyone using Whatsapp to easily make calls over the internet and it doesn’t cost you much, even if you are going to call someone on the other side of the globe. Then, the material design that made the app sync with people using phones running on the Android 5.0 Lollipop, was released. There’s a new rollout now!

Backup and Restore from Google Drive

The latest version of Whatsapp is 2.12.45, according to the update given by users and forums. The official website is yet to get updated to this version. Google Play store will also rollout the same version, which now enables the users to easily backup their messages on Google Drive and they can retrieve it back in case the app is deleted or the phone is completely formatted to fix the operating system errors. Users now transact a lot of important information through this text messaging service and they wouldn’t like to lose them all simply because their phone got formatted.

Once you download the latest update for Whatsapp, you can head to the settings section. You will find an option named chat settings within which the newly added chat backup will be available. As the text indicates, it allows you to save all your conversations in Drive. The cloud storage system comes in handy so that you don’t have to lose important data again.

Easy Restore

Just click on the chat backup feature and a window with different options will pop up. It is ‘Backup frequency’ which requests you the frequency within which a backup should be initiated. The time could vary anywhere between daily, weekly or monthly. If you are using a 3G network connection, it may use a lot of data based on the number of conversations you have, on a daily basis. To save space, you can set it to weekly basis and let it sync over a wireless connection at home. You can also set it to use only Wi-Fi connections and retrieve the messages when required.

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