How to Create a Shortcut of Your WhatsApp Conversation?

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that’s also a great alternative to regular SMS.

Unlike text messages where rates or charges apply, WhatsApp can be used for free. The app only requires an internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or 3G. WhatsApp for Android periodically receives updates to provide a seamless chat experience for its users. The chat app is also not like your average messaging app. It has several tricks that will let you make the most out of WhatsApp.

Creating a Shortcut for Your Conversation

One of the most useful WhatsApp tricks you need to know is how to create shortcuts to your conversations. This is essentially useful if there are certain people that you chat with more often than others. You can create a shortcut for these people and it will appear directly on your phone’s home screen. Once you have the shortcuts, you will eventually save time from opening and closing the app every time you want to chat with these particular people.

Not Available for iOS Users

Unfortunately, this neat trick is only available to Android users and not on WhatsApp for iOS. The developers have not made statements or comments as to whether this feature will be available for iOS devices. It may be because Apple devices don’t have features that allow apps to make a shortcut outside the app.

How to Create Shortcut to WhatsApp Conversation

Choose the chat you want to make a shortcut for and tap and hold it. You can select an individual or group chat. A pop up tab will appear after holding down the chat that includes several options. Choose and tap “Add conversation shortcut” and the selected chat will automatically appear on your mobile home screen. The shortcut will appear as the person or group’s profile photo. Once you finished creating the shortcut, you can now easily access the chat on the home screen without having to open the app.

Backing Up Your WhatsApp Conversations

If you’re worried about losing messages accidently, you can always choose to back up your WhatsApp conversations. iOS users have the option to automatically back up all their messages via iCloud. If you only want selected chat conversations to be backed-up, tap the chat and then the contact’s info and finally select “Email Conversation”. For Android users, you can find the back up of the messages in the WhatsApp folder in their device. You can then copy the file and transfer it to your new Android device.

More Useful Trick

WhatsApp has more useful tricks that will allow you to save some of your data plan if you’re using the app over 3G. One of the best ways to avoid a hefty bill is to tweak the settings to disable the Auto-Download of the media you receive in WhatsApp. This feature will allow you to ensure that the media don’t take much of your data plan. Go to the chat settings and then Media Auto-Download. From there, you can tweak the settings by choosing the options to which you want to auto-download the media you receive.

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