Sims 4 – The Swimming Pool Update is Finally Here for You

If you have been a fan of Maxis Sims, there is good news for you.

Next month will see the introduction of swimming pools to Sims 4. Both EA and Maxis are offering these swimming pools as a part of their three month patches being doled out for free. If this news excites you, you will definitely want to know what’s new in this update. Here’s everything you want to know.

Why are Swimming Pools Important?

Unlike all other versions of The Sims, Sims 4 has no swimming pools. The core game, which allowed you to build your own pools or access them in local health clubs and gymnasiums, no longer gives players access to them. Players who have experience with Sims 3 initially tried to look for an option to build a swimming pool using the build tools. However, they were bitterly disappointed once they realized such option was not available anymore. Since there are no pools, all the interactions that players could have with their pools are also not there. In all previous Sims games, swimming pools could be used to increase fitness and exercise point, and could also be used to lose weight or tone muscles.

Swimming Pools in Sims 3

The core Sims 3 game gave players the option to create two different types of pools – straight or curved, depending on their personal design sensibilities. These swimming pools were further customizable in the game and could be tinkered with at any given time. Though the core game had only straight pools, the Late Night expansion pack allowed you to add curved pools as well as pool decorations. Along with this came a lot of other interactions with the pools and its décor items. In all the previous games, as in Sims 3, the pool tool could be used just like the terrain tool, and you could dig the earth to create pools of water, only they would be tiled. By following the in game instructions, players could also create ambient indoor pools. Some of the décor objects that expansion packs allows you to place by your pools included diving boards, slides, mosaics and even pool bars. In player managed homes, pool bars actually allowed you to manage mixing of the drinks and create great parties and soirees. In community lots though, the pool bars came with their tenders. Players could also get the opportunity to work part time as a mixologist on these community pool bars. All of this, sadly, was missing from Sims 4 till now.

The Sims 4 Pool Update

With the new pool update, the Sims 4 gets a number of new things. Firstly, there would be a number of pool designs to choose from. The more money your sim has, the fancier their pool can be. Apart from that, you can also choose from a wide array of pool accessories and pool bars. If you achieve the right skills, you can work as a pool bar mixologist, or can moonlight as one. A lot of objects will be available to allow your sim to relax along the pool. There would also be increased interactions when you are using the pool – with the pool and with the people present in it.

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