WhatsApp Download and Spy Anyone With WhatsDog

Even if we don’t admit it, we all “spied” a special person from our life on Facebook or on some other social websites or mobile applications. A few years ago, spying was possible with some high tech equipment and some skilled professionals, but now it can be done with just a simple application and a connection to the internet.

Using WhatsDog you will be able to monitor how long and often your WhatsApp contacts stay online. The application will gather all the data information it gets in graphs and calendars.

However, WhatsDog is not a complex application, but the thing it does can be very useful for some WhatsApp users. The application records the login and logout information from WhatsApp, which then converts it how much time some user spent on WhatsApp on a specific day and between what hours.

WhatsDog will keep working even if the contact blocks you or if (s)he have “hide your last connection” feature on. So, in case some friend tells you “sorry, I was sleeping” or “sorry, I wasn’t online when you’ve sent me the message”, you can always check if (s)he is telling the truth, by using WhatsDog application.

Configuring WhatsDog

After you install WhatsDog, select a contact that you would like to monitor by introducing his phone number and wait for the service to be activated. After you see that it got activated, you will be notified whenever that person is online.

WhatsDog comes with four features:

  1. Online-offline which shows you when it got connected and disconnected
    2. Calendar: to see the WhatsApp activities it has on a specific day
    3. A chart showing the last 24hours, 7 days and 1 month connection statistics
    4. Settings: where you can enable notification, activate the vibration feature or change the contact you want to monitor.

The free trial version works for a limited time and after it expires you will need to pay 10 dollars in order to use the application.

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