Clash of Clans – Top Private Attacking Strategies Including Everything

  1. Archers and Barbarians Attacking Strategy

The attacking strategy that is formed from archers and barbarians is used to farm a lot of resources in a short period of time. This is one of the oldest strategies in the game and it’s still working like a charm. The troops train fast, which lets you constantly raid other villages. You should balance the two types of troops and send around 50% Archers and 50% Barbarians, but sometimes when you feel that your Barbarians can handle the damage done by the defensive buildings you can throw a bit more archers for some extra damage.

Wall breakers are optional, so use them in case you will have to make fast a hole in a wall. You will tank the damage with your barbarians and the archers will assist them with ranged damage.

PROs and CONs

The good thing about this strategy is that you can attack very often and farm a lot of resources in a short period of time. Compared to the price invested in your troops, this setup is quite strong too.

However, the setup is very weak against splash damage, which make mortars and wizard towers its worst enemy. You can counter these defensive buildings by using Lightning spell to destroy them. Another strategy is to get all your troops to attack the Wizard Tower(s) and use a healing spell when your troops get low on life.

It’s usually good to attack a side of a village instead of attacking from different sides at once. Choose the side that is closest to the resources and hopefully is far away from splash damage. Just drop your barbarians and right behind them archers. At lower levels, you can just spawn them randomly all over the map, since you will win most of the battles, as the villages are quite weak at low level.

Villages that you should attack

Keep in mind that you will use the “next” button a lot until you get an enemy that has a good amount of resources and a weak protected village. You should aim villages that have around 100.000 gold/elixirs and don’t rush in attacking some random villages.

Some easy villages to attack are those that line up their elixir pumps and gold mines, in front of the walls. You can simply deploy some barbarians and archers and the resources inside the mines and pumps will be yours without even having to fight for them.

If you feel that you can also take the storage from the middle of the base, you should go for it, but you will most likely need to spawn more troops. Keep in mind that you will always have to get more resources than you invested in your troops or else this will not be efficient at all. Using this strategy you will farm around 1bil of gold and elixirs in only 1 hour.

  1. BAM Attacking Strategy

This strategy is the same like the strategy we told you above, but it contains minions too, that’s why it is called BAM (Barbarians, Archers and Minions). To easily train all the 3 types of troops, you should have 2 barrackers that will train barbarians, another 2 that will train archers and dark barrack that will train minions.

Likewise the Archers and Barbarians strategy, you can also add some Wall Breakers to this strategy as they will make your life easier while attacking villages that have high level walls. If you feel that your barbarians are too weak and can’t handle too many hits from the defensive buildings, you can always switch them for barbarians, as barbarians have more life. However, keep in mind that giants will take longer to train and it will cost you more elixirs.

The strategy is most likely the same, as the Barbarians are taking the damage for Archers. However, since in this strategy we got minions too, you will have to deploy them where they can’t be attacked by air defensive buildings such as Wizard Towers and Air defense.

Some players prefer to use spells such as Rage or Healing too but we don’t think that’s absolutely necessary.

PROs and CONs

The good thing about this setup is that you can attack very often and farm a lot of resources in a short period of time.

The bad thing is that the BAM strategy is very vulnerable to Wizard Towers and Air defense buildings.

Likewise the Archers and Barbarians strategy you should look for villages that have at least 100.000 resources stored and which have their Wizard Towers and Air defenses in really bad positions.

  1. Balloons Attacking Strategy

Another nice strategy is the one which involves Balloons, which works well in low Trophies, but as well in 2400+ Trophies.

Keep in mind that balloons take 5housing spaces and 8 minutes to train. With other words, if you have 4 barracks training only Balloons, you will fill the 200 housing spaces in around 25 minutes. However, if you boost the barracks, you will reduce the time by 4 times, as it will take you only 6 minutes and 15 seconds.

One thing to consider while running this strategy is that the Balloons have a favorite target, the defensive buildings. Until they destroy all the defensive buildings, they won’t go for any other building. These units are also very slow, with a speed of 10 while Giants, who you may think that are very slow, have a speed movement of 12!

Attacking strategy

When attacking with ground troops, if you ignore the air defensive buildings because they don’t do damage to your ground troops, this changes when you attack with Balloons. Balloons are being attacked by Air defensive buildings and are “ignored” by the ground defensive buildings. An air defensive building will take down a balloon within 2-3 shots, and they shoot quite fast, believe us.

You can also try to lure out the troops that are inside the clan castle and hope that the King barbarian is there instead of the Arch Queen. If it is the King barbarian, don’t care too much, as it can’t touch your balloons.

While using this balloon strategy you will want to stack all your balloons so that they will attack at once one defensive building at a time. This way you will destroy the air defensive buildings fast while not losing too much balloons in the process.

  1. Balloons and Minions Attacking Strategy

This strategy is mostly used for farming trophies. Even if the setup is quite easy to understand, it’s very powerful. The strategy is mostly similar to the Balloon strategy but it also comes with some new units, the Minions. This strategy it’s very used even at 2600 trophy range. However, compared to the balloon strategy, this setup requires less time to train as it uses dark barracks as well (for the minions). One minion takes around 45 seconds, so this will speed up very much your training.

Keep in mind that Balloon and Minion are quite different, one having very low speed and high health (balloons) and the other one having a good speed but very low health. To get an idea on the speed difference the two troops have, the balloon has a speed of 10 while a minion has a speed of 32.

Attacking strategy

While attacking with balloons and minions, likewise the balloons strategy you don’t have to care about the ground defensive buildings. You are vulnerable to air defensive buildings and you need to avoid them as much as possible or destroy them as fast as possible. The bases that can be destroyed very fast using this setup are the bases that have their air defensive buildings in vulnerable areas.

We suggest you to use spells if it’s needed, healing spell especially is a must while attacking some well protected villages.

You can send Balloons and Minions together or try to spread them around the base but you can also send first your minions and get the air units busy to attack them, while you come from behind with balloons and destroy them. However, the minions are very fast and should be used to clear up a base or else you will most likely get out of time and you will not get all the available resources from that village.

As for the setup, we suggest you to get around 30 balloons and 50 minions. You can reduce or increase the number as long as the level of your camps allows you to.

  1. Dragon Attacking Strategy

One dragon requires 20 housing space and they deal high splash damage with their fire breath. Dragons have a lot of health also, which make them some terrifying troops. However, they are vulnerable to air defensive buildings and you will have to focus on destroying them as fast as possible or your dragons will die very fast.

The strategy with dragons is used in top range trophies also and they are likewise balloons and minions you should not care about ground defensive buildings or walls. At the same time, dragons are very expensive, and you might not get them back from a raid, so use this strategy only if you plan on farming for trophies.

Attacking strategy

You can use Dragons only in this strategy, but keep in mind that you will most likely need to use a Lightning spell on Air defensive units in case you find that it’s hard to reach them. If you want, you can also mix the dragons with some ground units and your Archer Queen or Barbarian King to counter the air defensive buildings.

Also, before you spawn your dragons, try to lure out the Queen Archer so that you can kill her with ease outside of the base. If instead the Queen Archer you find out that it is a Barbarian King, you should not care that much as it cannot hit air units.

If you go full Dragon troops, you should deploy all your dragons in a group and they will try to take every building one by one. You will most likely want to use a rage spell to destroy buildings even faster. In case your dragons get too low on health, use a healing spell.

  1. Hog Rider Attacking Strategy

The Hog Rider setup is a popular strategy which is actually quite powerful too. It will require some knowledge, but as the setup is very powerful, it will worth learning. This setup is used to farm trophies and with it you will most likely reach high-end leagues.

This setup will require a lot of dark elixirs and if you want to farm resources, it is better to use the Archers and Barbarians strategy or the Barbarians, Archers and Minion (BAM) strategy which we told you about at the beginning of this article.

However, if you plan to farm for trophies, then we’ll tell you what else you will need to the Hog Rider setup. The Hog Rider strategy will require an Archer Queen and few barbarians also, about 15 to be more exact.

When you use this strategy, your first concern will be to empty the enemy Clan Castle and lure all the troops out, by using the 15 barbarians and your Archer Queen. After the Clan Castle troops are dead, you can start deploying your hog riders and use healing spell on them when they get to 50 percent of health.

PROs and CONs

The good thing about this setup is that Hog Riders ignore walls. With other words, you will not care about how strong your opponent’s walls are, since the Hog Riders will just simply jump over them. Another good thing is that Hog Riders deal a good amount of damage and with a few healing spells they will be able to survive the battle.

The bad thing about this setup is that it will require a good time to train Hog Riders. It takes about 2 minutes to train a single Hog Rider and you have only 2 dark barracks, which means that in 2 minutes, you train only two Hog Riders. At the same time, as you already know, the dark barracks uses dark elixir to train troops, a resource that is quite hard to get.

Keep in mind that you will need high level Hog Riders to make this strategy to work.

Villages that you should attack

Try to attack villages that have strong walls, as your troops will just ignore them. At the same time attack villages which have the Clan Castle near the walls, so you can lure them with your barbarians and kill them with your Archer Queen. If you don’t lure the troops outside the clan castle and send your hog riders first, they will most likely be killed within seconds if the Clan Castle is full of Wizards.

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