WhatsApp Download 2.12.96 For Android – Top Improvements and Bug Fixes

If you’ve installed WhatsApp a while ago and you forgot to update it, then you should know that the latest beta version for Android is 2.12.96 and you can download it from the official website, not from the Google Store, because there you will find only stable versions.

In the next days, WhatsApp will release the 2.13 beta version, with even more improvements, but the current available version is 2.12.96 and the file size is 20.3MB, being increased by 5KB compared to the previous version, and has 174 modified files. Even if we noticed a file related to Google Drive on a newer version, this option is missing from 2.12.96 and the fans are curious if WhatsApp will bring it back in the near future, after a short testing on version 2.1.45.

WhatsApp Android 2.12.96 came with improvements and numerous bug fixes, especially for the Voice Calling feature, which has been having problems with the lags, echoes or sudden interruptions. Still, the voice calls are eating too much mobile data, although the quality isn’t as good as on Skype or Viber, but the developers will try to rise to the expected level, to make this application not only popular, but superior as well. It’s not enough that it has 800 million users, if some of them are disappointed about the way this application is working.

One of the new functions activated in 2.12.96 will allow you to click on “Show invisible contacts”, from “Help on contacts” which is located at the end of all contacts, and for the first time, you will see a contact that appears invisible for the first time. Other visual changes came with an earlier version, which are related to the voice calling interface – the green background with the name of the person who is calling has been removed and the solid red background for End calling has a different shade: pinkish red. Other significant changes were made to the default background image, which has a lighter beige tone with subtle and denser outlined drawings. Also, the Gingerbread icons under the More menu have been removed and the Search bar is semi-transparent and the search typing and the second underline are gone.

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